Rural Health Academic Network (RHAN)

Project Details

RHAN is a health workforce initiative which partners directly with rural health organisations to:

  1. Build innovation in rural health care,
  2. Promote research translation into rural clinical practice ,
  3. Support rural health student placements
  4. Enhance retention of existing rural clinicians through post graduate research and education opportunities.
  5. Maintain and progress an evidence base which advances the rural health agenda.

Through a network of rural health academics placed in the local health services, RHAN coordinators work with clinicians from multiple disciplines by applying systematic enquiry and education to facilitate local clinical research in addition to collaborative network wide research. RHAN coordinators work closely with their respective health services in applying structures for ethical governance of research activity that embeds an evidenced based approach into practice. Through RHAN, rural health care practitioners have the support of the University and the University has direct links to the health services and the community.

RHAN projects and publications reflect the diversity of rural health and the individual clinical research and workforce priorities of our partner organisations.


Lisa Bourke, Director, Rural Health Academic Network

Vacant, Rural Health Academic Network Coordinator, NCN Health – Cobram Campus

Nadine Glanville, Rural Health Academic Network Coordinator, Echuca Regional Health

Carol Reid, Rural Health Academic Network Coordinator, NCN Health – Numurkah Campus

Rowan O'Hagan, Rural Health Academic Network Coordinator, Northeast Health Wangaratta

Ryan Mc Grath, Rural Health Academic Network Coordinator, Goulburn Valley Health


Northeast Health Wangaratta

NCN Health

Echuca Regional Health

Goulburn Valley Health


This program has been supported by

The Australian Government Department of Health's Rural Health Multidisciplinary Training Program

Research Outcomes

In addition to the selected research publications listed which reflect recent output from the RHAN program, the following project reports are available upon request.

Ervin, K., Weller-Newton, J. and Phillips, J. (2020). Clinicians’ experience of telehealth at NCN Health. Final report. (Unpublished). The University of Melbourne.

Ervin, K. & Reid, C. (2020). NCN staff knowledge, attitudes and awareness of trauma informed care: Final report.(Unpublished) The University of Melbourne, Rural Health Academic Network/NCN Health.

Ervin, K. (2019). Staff get message on urgent care patient experience. Health Victoria. March 2019

Moran, A., Cosgrave, C., Nancarrow, S., Boyce, R., Memery,R., King, O., Malatzky, C., (2019). Year 1 report to the Department of Health & Human Services, East Division: The role, function and value of “non-traditional” allied health roles in rural and regional health services. Shepparton, Vic.: The University of Melbourne, Department of Rural Health.

Opie, C., & Gibson-Thorpe, B. (2018). Mangan Dunguludja Ngatan (Build Strong Employment) Project Report.: Mangan unguludja Ngatan (Build Strong Employment) Project Report. (1). Echuca: Echuca Regional Health.

Surviving Cancer: Evaluation of a Model of Care to Improve Outcomes of Cancer Survivors in the Hume Region. Ervin, K. & Koschel, A. September 2016.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of supportive care screening in rural ambulatory cancer care at Echuca Regional Health. Opie, C., Koschel, A., Ervin, K., Jeffreson, L.  Haines, H., June 2016.

Activities in the Park evaluation Report to Greater City of Shepparton Council. Ervin, K. & Koschel, A. June 2016

Emotional Health of Mothers and Fathers in a Northern Victorian Cohort. Haines HM. 01 Jul 2015. 1-41 (Report to NBVLL).

Regional Emergency Department Telehealth Support to Urgent Care Centres After Hours in Northeast Victoria, Australia. Haines HM, Dattakumar A, Kealey J, Gray K 30 Aug 2015. 1-235

Research Publications

Rural Health Workforce


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Chronic ill Health


Elbourne, H., Soo, W. K., O'Reilly, V., Moran, A., & Steer, C. B. (2022). Exercise as a supportive care strategy in men with prostate cancer receiving androgen deprivation therapy at a regional cancer centre: a survey of patients and clinicians.. Support Care Cancer, 30(2), 1379-1389. doi:


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Culturally Inclusive Rural Health Care


Reid, C., Gee, G., Bennetts, S. K., Clark, Y., Atkinson, C., Dyall, D., . . . Chamberlain, C. (2022). Using participatory action research to co-design perinatal support strategies for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents experiencing complex trauma. WOMEN AND BIRTH, 35(5), E494-E501. doi:



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Comparing Internet-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy With Standard Care for Women With Fear of Birth: Randomized Controlled Trial

Moran, A., Haines, H., Raschke, N., Schmidt, D., Koschel, A., Stephens, A., . . . Nancarrow, S. (2019). Mind the gap: Is it time to invest in embedded researchers in regional, rural and remote health services to address health outcome discrepancies for those living in rural, remote and regional areas? Australian Journal of Primary Health, 25(2), 104-107. doi:

Reid, C., Ervin, K., Kelly, L. (2019). Doctors in secondary schools program: the first year of program implementation in a rural Victorian school. Rural and Remote Health, 19:4.

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