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The Asia Pacific Tele-Ophthalmology Society (APTOS) was established recently as an association to promote the development of tele-ophthalmology in the Asia-Pacific region. It is expected that via APTOS, member ophthalmologists, IT professionals, eye care technicians, organizations and institutions will collaborate on the research, education and implementation of technology related to delivering eye care in the digital age.

Tele-ophthalmology offers opportunities to deliver specialty health care to remote and underserved areas in the Asia Pacific region. APTOS will serve as a platform and network to explore different development models and promote best practice pattern for tele-ophthalmology. APTOS also will support individual countries in the Asia Pacific region to explore the best mechanisms for localized tele-ophthalmology development.

The APTOS Steering Committee Meeting was held in May 2016 and the first Council Meeting in June 2016. The Secretariat Office is situated in CERA. A general meeting of APTOS will be held annually. Prof Mingguang He is appointed as the President of APTOS and Dr Andreas Mueller as the Secretary-General. APTOS now has a total of 44 Founding Members across the Asia Pacific region, including China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan), Australia, the US, Japan, India and Singapore.

Core activities:
*Best practice and standard for tele-ophthalmology
*Digital ophthalmology technology development
*Equipment and technology validation studies
*Automated imaging diagnosis technology
*International case studies and learning across Asia Pacific


Dr Andreas Muller, Deputy Director of WHO Collaborating Centre

Dr Liying Li, Research Assistant

Ms Candy Han Yue, Program coordinator


Robert Chang, Stanford University Medical Centre, USA
R.D. Thulasiraj. Aravind Eye Hospital, India.
Ningli Wang, Beijing Tongren Eye Center, China
Jonathan Crowston, University of Melbourne, Australia
Angus Tuner, Lions Eye Institute, Australia.
Dennis Lam, Asia-Pacific Association of Ophthalmology, Hongkong
Tien Wong, Singapore National Eye Centre, Singapore.
Gavin Tan, Singapore National Eye Centre, Singapore.
Ryo Kawasaki, Yamagata University, Japan
Lin-Chung Wound, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Wei He, He Eye Hospital, China.

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