Our Platforms

ACADI platforms provide specialist services for project teams utilising consistent, proven approaches to accelerate projects to key milestones and towards translational outcomes.

These platforms will provide diabetes-specific expertise and include evaluation and implementation science, commercialisation advisory, consumer and end-user engagement and clinical trials connected to our national network.

Our Platform Leads include:

Professor Philip Clarke, University of Melbourne and University of Oxford
Dr An Duy Tran, University of Melbourne
Health Economics Platform co-Leads

Professor Victoria Palmer, University of Melbourne
Co-Design Platform Lead

Professor Leonid Churilov, University of Melbourne
Biostatistics Platform Lead

Dr Christel Hendrieckx, Deakin University
Dr Elizabeth Holmes-Truscott, Deakin University
Behavioural Platform co-Leads

Professor Jill Francis, University of Melbourne
Implementation Science Platform Lead

Associate Professor Wendy Davis, University of Western Australia
Epidemiology Platform Lead

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