ACADI Council and Advisory Groups

ACADI Independent Council:
Chair: Dr Sue Alberti  AC

  • Adj. Prof Craig Bennett
  • Dr Nicki Murdock
  • Ms Naomi Hodgson
  • Ms Julia Medew

The Council's scope and key responsibilities can be found in the Terms of Reference.

Independent Scientific and Commercialisation Advisory:
Chair: Professor Geoff Donnan

  • A/Prof Lauren Ayton
  • Ms Elpis Barons
  • Dr Alisa Selimovic
  • A/Prof Sof Andrikopoulos
  • Dr John Kurek
  • Ms Liza Dunne
  • Dr Jencia Wong

Indigenous Advisory:
Chair : Ray Kelly  (Gomeroi elder and awarded Exercise Physiologist)

  • Ms Tracey Hearn
  • Dr Tuguy Esgin
  • Ms Barbara Flick
  • Ms Victoria Sinka
  • Ms Leonie Yasso

Community Advisory:
Chair: Renza Scibilia

  • Dr Ben Nash
  • Ms Jessica Jones
  • Mr Michael Smith
  • Dr Steven James
  • Prof Victoria Palmer

International Advisory:
Chair: Professor Andrew Boulton

Co-chair: Prof Katherine Tuttle

  • Prof Juliana Chan
  • Prof Helen Colhoun
  • Prof Ohad Cohen
  • Prof Bernhard Boehm
  • Prof Gerry Rayman
  • Prof Chantal Mathieu

Training Program Advisory:
Chaired by Associate Professor Sarah Glastras

  • Prof Alan Cass
  • Prof Alicia Jenkins
  • Dr Anish Menon
  • Dr Chinmay Marathe
  • Prof Christopher Nolan
  • Prof David O'Neal
  • Dr Emma Hamilton
  • Prof Jia-Yee Lee
  • Dr Michael Thompson
  • Dr Rajna Ogrin
  • Dr Ruth Park-Jones
  • Dr Steven James

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