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The Department of General Practice and Primary Care works passionately to conduct and promote primary care-based research and medical education in Australia. This report is a celebration not only of the tireless work of current and former staff and students at the Department, but also of the general practices and others who strive to strengthen our primary care system by partnering on robust research and outstanding medical education. The Department of General Practice and Primary Care is indebted to the thousands of general practitioners, nurses, practices managers, allied health staff and patients who have contributed their time and expertise to research and medical education programs.

The Book (PDF 11.2 MB)

2023 slide deck

Learn more about our department and how we work to maximise research impact by advancing General Practice and Primary Care through our Research and Education programs.

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Impact Stories | Victorian Research And Education Network

Practice-based research networks (PBRNs) are collaborations between clinical practitioners and academics that undertake and participate in general practice research and work together to assist the translation of new knowledge into practice. PBRNs engage general practitioners as well as practice managers and nurses in the research process, increasing the relevance of the research questions, improving study design and maximising health outcomes for patients.

To unite these networks, the Department of General Practice and Primary Care at the University of Melbourne is bringing together the major academic leaders in Australian primary care research and industry leaders in a national PBRN consortium called TRIDENT.

This portfolio includes a small sample of real-world health impacts that have been achieved with the University of Melbourne's general practice-based research network in Victoria, VicREN. This model could be scaled nationally, through TRIDENT.

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DiSS Breakfast Club

The Doctors in Secondary School (DiSS) Clinical Training and Support Program hosts a fortnightly Breakfast Club for health professionals. DiSS Breakfast Club is held in an ECHO format on Wednesdays fortnightly each term, 7.30 am-8.30 am (AEDT).

Project ECHO is a virtual knowledge-sharing model that expands the capacity of any professional. It’s about partnerships that bridge gaps to bring change. People worldwide use ECHO to break down silos, collaborate on solutions, and upskill workers.

The panel and participants learn and share together through facilitated discussions. Our inclusive and interactive approach informs every ECHO network and session. ECHO is an interactive conversational community of practice, links like-minded learners.

Breakfast Club can support GPs and nurses working in the DiSS program and aims to address barriers raised by GPs including limited training or resources, not feeling confident, or finding behavioural and health conditions difficult to manage without support.

Interested parties can register for the live events with this link:

The Youth AOD Project ECHO sessions with St Vincent’s Hospital registration:

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