Antagonize your ageing: The science behind living healthier for longer

Geriatrician Professor Andrea Maier describes to Up Close's Dr Andi Horvath what happens to our cells as we age, and explains the causes of age-related diseases.

Professor Andrea Maier on what happens to our cells as we age and the causes of age-related diseases, as well as how positive lifestyle choices and preventive medical interventions can help us live healthier for longer. Presented by Dr Andi Horvath.

“More physical activity, better diet, including fruit and vegetables ... .not smoking, not too much alcohol, will extend our healthy life expectancy by around about 10 - 15 years. That’s massive. No drugs, for example, cholesterol inhibitors, do that.

“If we prevent age-related diseases, we have more productivity for society, but also, of course, for the individual, having a happier life without diseases and all the medications.”

In addition to a distinguished academic career in Europe, Andrea now works at the Royal Melbourne Hospital as Divisional Director of Medicine and Community Care and as Professorial Fellow of Aged Care at the University of Melbourne. 

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