2022 Austin Doyle Research in Progress Schedule



3 February 2022

A/Prof Thomas Oxley
Stentrode Brain Computer Interface
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10 February 2022

Professor Daniel Friedman
Sudden death in epilepsy: epidemiology, biomarkers and prevention
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17 February 2022

Dr Niloufar Ansari
Targeted nanoparticles and their interactions with cells

24 February 2022

Dr Gareth Rivalland
Small Cell Lung Cancer - Understanding the immune tumour microenvironment
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3 March 2022

Professor Birgit Frauscher
Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital, McGill University 
Title : Moving away from seizures: Simplifying the pre-surgical EEG work-up of epilepsy.
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17 March 2022

Professor Gavin Reid
Defining the Lipidomic “Hallmarks” of Colorectal Cancer
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24 March 2022

Professor Anthony J. Hannan
Gene-environment interventions informing therapeutic approaches for cognitive and affective disorders 
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31 March 2022

Dr Kate Weeks
Protein phosphatases: emerging drug targets for heart failure

7 April 2022

Dr Gerard Karsenty
Organismal homeostasis and the skeleton

14 April 2022

Dr Melody Cheung
The cardiometabolic consequences of cancer therapies across the breast cancer spectrum

28 April 2022

Dr Nicholas Russell
Biological actions of estradiol in men
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5 May 2022

Pragya Gupta
“Beyond convention”
Identification and characterisation of novel Calcitonin receptor isoforms expressed in stressed glioblastoma derived stem cells and its therapeutic advantages. 
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12 May 2022

Dr John Kemp
Using statistical genetics methods in large cohorts to identify modifiable risk factors for osteoporosis.

19 May 2022

Professor Sandra Shefelbine
Skeletal Mechanoadaptation 
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2 June 2022

Associate Professor Jess Nithianantharajah
University of Melbourne

9 June 2022

Professor Tu'uhevaha Kaitu'u-Lino
Predicting diseases of pregnancy - placental biomarkers 
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16 June 2022

Professor Leonie Heilbronn
Impact of Intermittent Fasting Diets on Health and Circadian Regulation

23 June 2022

Dr Mastura Monif
The Australian Autoimmune Encephalitis Consortium Study

21 July 2022

Dr David Stroud
Mainstreaming proteomics into rare disease diagnostics
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28 July 2022

Dr Kade Patterson
Effect of intra-articular platelet-rich plasma versus placebo injection on pain and medial tibial cartilage volume in patients with knee osteoarthritis: The RESTORE randomized clinical trial
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11 August 2022

Associate Professor John Archer
Epilepsy is a network disorder: diagnostic and therapeutic implications 
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18 August 2022

Tian Nie
Understanding how gender affirming hormone therapy affects bone during puberty and in adulthood in male-to-female mouse models
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25 August 2022

Professor Rebecca Ritchie
Exploring gene therapy approaches to reveal new approaches to protect the diabetic heart

1 September 2022

Professor Michael Horowitz
The incretin effect – backwards and forwards

8 September 2022

Associate Professor Melinda Coughlan 
Targeting the gut to protect the kidneys: Lessons from Experimental Medicine

6 October 2022

Professor Daniel Green
What's new in exercise physiology? Results of the Testosterone vs EXercise (TEX) trial, and the Study of Twins to Understand Exercise as a THerapy (STRUETH) 
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13  October 2022

Professor Pietro De Camilli 
Membrane Lipids And Neurodegenerative Diseases: A Cross-Talk Between Cell Biology And Medicine

27 October 2022

Associate Professor Sarah Ellis
How the Open-Access ONJCRI Microscopy Platform can Benefit your Research
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3 November  2022

Dr Chansavath Phetsouphanh
Title : Immune dysfunction persists following mild-moderate SARS-CoV-2 infection
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10 November 2022

Professor Mark Dawson
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre 
Title : Emerging concepts and therapeutic opportunities in acute leukaemia. 17

17 November 2022

Ali  Ghasem Zedah
University of Melbourne 
Recording : Link

1 December 2022

Nicole Kong
University of Melbourne
Immunopathogenic role of T cells in diabetic kidney disease (DKD)

8 December 2022

Dr Alexandra Murphy
Austin Healt
Optimizing Cardiovascular Outcomes in Oncology Patients