Inaugural Melbourne Medical School Professional Staff Award

Congratulations to Pam Morison and Nora Hanafi, recipients of the inaugural Melbourne Medical School Professional Staff Award.

Award recipient, Nora Hanafi (centre) with Melbourne Medical School Manager Grace Sanna (left), and Prof Geoff McColl (right) Head of the Melbourne Medical School. Photo Supplied.

There are many hardworking professional staff members that work tirelessly to make sure the Melbourne Medical School runs smoothly and efficiently. Their work is often done under the radar, without the recognition they wholeheartedly deserve. Melbourne Medical School (MMS) has launched the Rewards and Recognition Program that aims to recognise and acknowledges the contribution of its staff across the School.

The MMS Rewards and Recognition Program aims to honour those who have demonstrated exceptional performance in activities such as internal or external customer service, efficiency, productivity and work processes. The scheme was launched by the Head of School Prof Geoff McColl at the MMS Professional Staff get together on 16 June. With the inaugural awards were presented to both Pam Morison and Nora Hanafi.

The Department of Paediatrics nominated Clinical Programs Officer, Pam Morison. Pam can be seen as one of the ‘quiet achievers’ who exemplifies the quality of service without making a great noise about it.  She has always taken on anything which she is asked to do, using her initiative, skills and interpersonal relationships to quickly and efficiently accomplish what is required.

Nora Hanafi is a worthy recipient of the inaugural award for the Rewards and Recognition Program.  She has demonstrated exceptional performance in her role as Honours and Graduate Research Programs Coordinator at the Eastern Hill Precinct, running a comprehensive program managing students’ candidature for over 150 Honours, Master and PhD students across the Precinct, across 5 University departments, 2 major hospitals and four medical research institutes.

Nora has demonstrated outstanding performance in internal and external customer service, efficiency and productivity. It is clear that Nora’s diverse skills are considerable and exceptional, ensuring a high standard in all tasks she completes and drawing recognition from academic and professional colleagues alike. Nora is a worthy recipient of the inaugural award and sets a standard for other staff to aspire to.

There are many people behind the scenes at MMS, working on behalf of students, graduates, academics and more. We’d just like to take a moment to acknowledge our community of professionals that make MMS what it is today.  In addition to professional staff, the MMS will be extending the program to awards for academic staff.