Research Opportunity - PhD Scholarship Department Medicine (Royal Melbourne Hospital)

A PhD Scholarship is available in the area of inflammation and pain.  This Scholarship stipend is equivalent to the APA rate and a waiver of tuition fees may be considered for a competitive international candidate.

Project Title

A cytokine pathway in the control of inflammation and pain

Project Summary

Chronic pain has led significantly to the opioid epidemic and the need for improved therapy. With this in mind the project is designed to understand how a particular protein controls inflammation and its associated pain.

Project Details

Inflammation is the key to much pathology and pain, for example, that associated with arthritis and cancer.  The project aims to explore at a molecular level the novel biology of a particular protein (cytokine) in its control of inflammation and associated pain.

To ensure broad training, the project at the interface between the immune and nervous systems will encompass a range of both in vitro and in vivo techniques to determine how the cytokine is produced and how it acts.  The studies are linked to the industry development of much needed therapies to control inflammation and associated pain.

Enquiries:        Professor John Hamilton        8344 5480

Dr Kevin Lee                   8344 3292