‘RMHive’ mobile phone app wins in ‘Knowledge & Innovation’ category at City of Melbourne Awards

Co-created by NHMRC Investigator Associate Professor Luke Burchill and Director and Producer Michelle Joy, the ‘RMHive’ mobile phone app was announced the winner of the 'Knowledge & Innovation' category at this year’s City of Melbourne awards. It is the latest in a long list of achievements for the ‘RMHive’ team.

Selected for Melbourne Knowledge Week and featured on Channel 10’s The Project, ABC Radio’s Mornings and This Weekend Life, RMHive is helping the broader Melbourne community to understand that our city is only as strong as the mental health and wellbeing of its health care workers.

More than an app, RMHive centres real people, real voices and real experiences as the basis for keeping healthcare workers mentally safe and prepared while working on the frontline. The RMHive app enables emotional-state tracking linking to information on mental health support and services, tailored to each person’s needs. A huge thank you to our chief sponsors at Royal Melbourne Hospital, the University of Melbourne, Peter Doherty Institute and Optus Enterprises and our partners at Curve and Phoenix Australia.