Treating Depression in Adolescents in Shenzhen using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Professor David Coghill from the University of Melbourne and Dr Alice Morgan from the Royal Children’s Hospital were invited by Shenzhen Kangning Hospital to provide a three-day training workshop in Shenzhen on Treating Depression in Adolescents using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

This workshop provided comprehensive coverage of key principles and practices of implementing Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) with adolescents who are experiencing depression in Shenzhen. Over 100 participants from Shenzhen attended this training, including teachers from middle school, universities, parents, psychiatrists and psychologists.

This training workshop was well received by participants, with as a strong emphasis on the use of clinical case materials, Professor Coghill and Dr Morgan illustrated the principles, and participants had a lot of opportunities to practices their CBT skills.

Professor Coghill also provided clinical supervisions to child psychiatrists from Shenzhen Kangning Hospital.  Child psychiatrist gained valuable knowledge and skills from Professor Coghill’s rich clinical experiences. Dr Jianping Lu, Director of Child and Adolescent Department of Shenzhen Kangning Hospital said:” It is our great pleasure to have Professor Coghill here in Shenzhen. Junior doctors in Shenzhen could learn a lot from him.”