Bede Mahon

Bede Mahon

MDRP Student (2019)

I am a final year Medical Student at the University of Melbourne, currently undertaking my MDRP at Western Health under the guidance of Associate Professor Justin Yeung within the Department of Surgery.

Hailing from Swan Hill in North Western Victoria, I have a Bachelor of Health Sciences majoring in Anatomy & Physiology along with a research background surrounding concussion in sports.

The beginning of 2019 has seen me lucky enough to be working with the Colorectal General Surgery team at Western Health. From the outset, the team have been very welcoming and approachable, ensuring I feel like a member of the group. My schedule is split between time in clinics, on ward rounds and in theatre. My role includes recruiting new and following up existing participants for our study, which is assessing the quality of life of patients undergoing surgery for colorectal cancer. This allows me to hone my communication skills along with developing an ability to navigate the hospital system, which will serve me well leading into internship.  Further, the nature of the project also gives an important insight into the experience of patients from their perspective.

Given my deep interest in surgery, this project allows me to work closely under proficient consultants, giving me invaluable exposure into the field whilst working in a highly credentialed facility.

Largely, my project has all the elements required for those wanting to get the most out of their MDRP term. I have a hands on and attentive supervisor and research fellow, whom I work closely with. I am also encouraged to partake in clinical activities to supplement the project and to continue my development on that front. Further, there are several other MDRP students within the department and we spend time assisting one another on our respective projects, further enhancing our research experience.

Given that time developing research skills within our degree is somewhat limited, I highly recommend anyone looking to spend MDRP in a motivating and supportive environment to consider spending it at Western Health within the Department of Surgery.