Gavin Joe

Medical Student (2020)

Gavin Joe is a third-year medical student, undertaking her research project with the Department of Surgery at Western Health. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in 2017 and sequentially began her post-graduate studies, Doctor of Medicine in 2018.

With the mentorship and supervision of A/Prof Justin Yeung and Elizabeth Degabriele, Gavin’s research project will focus on the development of an anatomy teaching program. This will aim to recruit students to be involved in the assessment and feedback of this novel form of surgical teaching and training in hopes to improve their understanding of the management of conditions.

Gavin feels well supported working with the Department of Surgery at Western Health, being provided frequent constructive feedback from A/Prof Justin Yeung. She is grateful for all the learning opportunities she has had surrounding her research project thus far and is looking forward to further expanding her knowledge with the team.