Mentoring and Career Advancement Program in the Department of Surgery

The Department of Surgery runs a focused mentoring and career advancement initiative to support and promote career pathways in academic surgery. The program is directed toward both aspiring and established surgeons and encompasses three main themes.


Dr Sina Babazadeh is leading the establishment of a website designed to inspire aspiring surgeons and help guide their journey to becoming a surgeon. Surgical mentor is a website run by members of the Department of Surgery at the University of Melbourne. With the use of technology and social media this site aims to close the distances between the mentor and mentee, allowing the protégé to be inspired and peruse advice from multiple mentors in an easy and effective manner. This is achieved via multiple media channels, including interviews, videos, a blog, and a resource page to point you towards other mentoring websites, books, and podcasts.

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Surgical Mentor
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The Academy of Surgeons

Led by Dr Lih-Ming Wong, The St Vincent's Academy of Surgeons (SVAS) was formed in 2021 to facilitate an engaged group of surgeons at St Vincent's to come together and provide leadership in surgical education, research and mentorship.

SVAS closely engages with the clinical school (St Vincent's, Melbourne Medical School), St Vincent's Student Surgical Society, Pre-SET society, and existing Surgical Educators to coordinate surgical education across the campus. We run events including Surgical Career Nights, Registrar Ready (multi-specialty) Workshops,  Surgical Robotic Video Night to engage the surgical community around St Vincent's.

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Career Development

Prof Michelle Dowsey is leading the establishment of an online repository to assist with navigating the processes and pathways for both paid and honorary staff to apply for an academic promotion or honorary title. We aim to provide a one stop hub to guide staff on all aspects of academic career advancement including the expectations, requirements, and timelines for academic promotion or honorary title. The repository of information will help to connect clinicians with key resources at the University that support career development and promotions applications, for those interested in academic advancement in teaching and or research.

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