Cardiovascular Endocrinology Group

Research Overview

Heart failure occurs when the heart is unable to pump sufficient blood due to ‘stiffening’ of the myocardium caused by increased tissue fibrosis and changes in myocardial passive stiffness. Tissue injury, with chronic inflammation and fibrogenesis, results in disruption of normal tissue architecture and function and can progress to organ failure. Therapeutic options for chronic fibrosis, in the heart and other organs, are severely limited.

A new biology for the mineralocorticoid receptor (MR)

It was believed that chronic MR activation resulted in high blood pressure only, and increased Angiotensin II signalling caused fibrosis. However, we have shown that mineralocorticoids cause cardiac fibrosis via direct actions in the heart, contributing to large-scale clinical trials that established a major role for MR signalling in heart failure.

The 'textbook' model of MR biology is flawed

The MR controls numerous processes in non-renal tissues. Understanding MR mechanisms of action in these tissues is a prerequisite for future discovery of drugs that are selective for MR in the heart. Accordingly, we have developed a suite of tissue-specific MR null mice and genetically modified cell lines in order to understand this new MR biology as it relates to heart disease. Outcomes of this laboratories work identifying cell selective pathways, conformational changes and ligand dependent protein interactions for the MR have led to engagement with industry and together with clinical testing of preclinical data have created a pipeline for translating new therapies for cardiac fibrosis and heart failure.

Ongoing projects seek to identify novel mechanisms of MR signalling in macrophages and cardiomyocytes to generate new directions for the development of a selective MRA for cardiac fibrosis.

Projects include:

  • Identify MR dependent mechanisms in tissue macrophages that regulate inflammatory and fibrotic pathways and determine the function of novel MRA signalling in vivo in clinical studies.
  • Define MR and molecular clock interactions to provide new knowledge for MR actions in cardiomyocytes (i.e. disruption of the molecular clock as a driver for cardiac fibrosis).
  • Engineer and test novel MR modulating compounds for cardiac fibrosis and inflammation that may also have fewer side effects.


  • Assoc Prof Morag Young Group Leader
  • Ms Monica Kanki PhD Student
  • Mr Nikshay Karthigans PhD Student
  • Mr Seamus Heanue BMedSci Student
  • Mr John Soo Master's Student
  • Ms Rizqa Putri BMedSci Student
  • Mr Ryan Kissick Honours Student
  • Mr Viet Ho Quoc PhD Student

Cosupervised PHD students (Monash, Endocrine Fellows)

  • Dr Renata Libianto
  • Dr Sonali Shah


  • Prof Mike Inouye (Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, Cambridge University UK)
  • Prof David Ray (Oxford University UK)
  • Prof Julie McMullen (Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute)
  • A/Prof David Greening (Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute
  • A/Prof Jun Yang (Monash University, Hudson Institute)
  • A/Prof Kegan Monaghetti (Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, University of Melbourne)
  • Prof Tim Cole (Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, Cambridge University)
  • Prof Mike Inouye (Monash University)
  • Prof Peter Fuller (Hudson Institute)


  • 2020-2025 A/Prof Morag Young, Alice Baker and Eleanor Shaw Gender Equity Fellowship. $980,000 Baker Trust.
  • 2020 A/Prof Morag Young, Impact Philanthropy Application Program - IPAP2020/0235. Engineering safer therapies for heart failure; protection for hard-to-treat groups. $89,000.
  • 2020 A/Prof Morag Young and AProf Natalie Hannan, Baker University of Melbourne Seed Fund. Risk of heart failure in women following preeclampsia: is prevention possible? $200,000
  • 2021 A/Prof Morag Young, AProf Cristian Carvajal, Dr Damian Romero and Dr Jun Yang. FONDECYT Role of mineralocorticoid receptor and exosomes in endocrine hypertension and cardio-renal communication. $20,000.
  • 2022 A/Prof Morag Young Commercial Development Seed Funding Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute $50,000
  • 2022 A/Prof Morag Young NHF Vanguard Grant, $75,000 Engineering safer therapies for heart failure - protection for hard-to-treat groups
  • 2022 A/Prof Morag Young Discovery Domain Seed Fund Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute for development of preclinical model of HFpEF $50,000
  • 2022 A/Prof Morag Young and Dr Kegan Monaghetti Collaborative Seed Fund University of Melbourne. Development of a wholistic blood test for cardiometabolic health $100,000
  • 2023-2025 A/Prof Morag Young ARC - A new biology for the mineralocorticoid receptor - circadian time and the heart $430,000

Research Outcomes

  1. Chi-Sheng Hung, Yi-Yao Chang, Cheng-Hsuan Tsai, Che-Wei Liao, Shih-Yuan Peng, Bo-Ching Lee, Chien-Ting Pan, Xue-Ming Wu, Zheng-Wei Chen, Vin-Cent Wu, Cho-Hua Wan, Morag J Young, Chia-Hung Chou, Yen-Hung Lin, TAIPAI Study Group (2022). Aldosterone suppresses cardiac mitochondria. Translational Research. 239:58-70. IF = 8.499.
  2. Jordan H Lai, Stella May Gwini, Gang Chen, Katrina M Long, Grant Russell, Markus P Schlaich, Michael Stowasser, Morag J Young, Peter J Fuller, Trevor A Mori, Martin Wolley, Christopher M. Reid, Jun Yang (2022). Willingness to be tested for a secondary form of hypertension: a survey of the Australian general community. Internal Medicine Journal IMJ-0591-2022.R1 Accepted Oct 2022
  3. Pravik Solanki, Stella May Gwini, Renata Libianto, Genevieve Gabb, Jimmy Shen, Morag J Young, Peter J Fuller, Jun Yang (2022). Risky Business: Calculated Cardiovascular Risk Underestimates Real Risk in Hypertensive Patients with Primary Aldosteronism. BMJ Open. Accepted 26th Oct 2022

Research Publications

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