Joseph Epstein Centre for Emergency Medicine Research

Research Overview


The Joseph Epstein Centre for Emergency Medicine Research is located at Sunshine Hospital in St Albans, Melbourne, Australia and works closely with the Departments of Emergency Medicine of Western Health as well as national and international collaborators to conduct clinical research in the fields of emergency medicine and pre-hospital care.

The aim of the Centre is translating evidence into better emergency health care by:

  • Performing high quality clinical research
  • Developing partnerships for research, both across regions (intrastate, national and international) and disciplines (ambulance, medical, nursing, community)
  • Providing education and support to workers in pre-hospital care and emergency medicine in order to develop research that will improve outcomes for patients
  • Demonstrating the translation of evidence into improved practice

Areas of particular interest are:

  • Blood gas analysis is emergency medical care, especially accuracy and utility of venou blood gas analysis
  • Acute cardiovascular care especially with respect to chest pain evaluation
  • Better understanfing the epidemiology of symptoms complexes for example dyspnoea and headache
  • Identification of evidence-practice gaps in emergency care


Professor Anne-Maree Kelly, Director
Mrs Sharon Klim, Research Nurse
Mrs Kerrie Russell, Administrative Officer


Monash Health
EuroDEM study group
Prof Said Laribi, Univerity of Tours, France


2017: Western Health Foundation. Vestibular Physiotherapy in the Emergency Department (Dizzy-PT) $20,000 (Lloyd M, Luscombe A, Kelly AM, Karrunajeewa H, Wijeratne T, Grant C).

2016: Latrobe University, Building Healthy Communities Grant. Estimating the Impact of Heat Waves on the Hospital Emergency Department System. $18,000 (Sivey P, Kelly AM et al.)

2015: Latrobe University, Building Health Communities Grant. Estimating the supply response to high hospital emergency department waiting times. $18,000 (Sivey P, Kelly AM et al.)

2014: Queensland Emergency Medicine Research Foundation. The AANZDEM study. $92,100 (Keijzers J, Kelly AM et al.)

2013: Western Health Foundation. What is the prevalence of asymptomatic coronary artery disease in siblings of young patients with myocardial infraction (Shah N, Soon K, Wong C, Kelly AM). $10,000

Research Publications

  1. Winayak A, Gossat A, Cooper J, Ritchie P, Lim W, Klim S, Kelly AM. Do instability markers predict satisfactory reduction and requirement for later surgery in emergency department patients with wrist fracture? Emerg Med Australas. 2017 Sep 23 (epub ahead of print).
  2. Kelly AM, Pannifex J. Improving compliance with a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease bundle of care in Australian emergency departments: a clinical network quality improvement project Eur J Emerg Med. 2017 Aug 2 (epub ahead of print)
  3. Skinner E, Lloyd M, Janus E, Ong ML, Karahalios A. Haines TP, Kelly AM, Shackell M, Karunajeewa H. Karunajeewa4The IMPROVE-GAP Trial: Study protocol for a stepped-wedge randomised controlled trial aiming to improve evidence-based management of community-acquired pneumonia. Trials 2017 (at press)
  4. Ackerly I, McFarlane J, Klim S, Kelly AM. Diagnostic utility of an age-specific cut-off for d-dimer for pulmonary embolism assessment when used with various pulmonary embolism risk scores. Intern Med J (at press)
  5. Kelly AM, Pannifex J. Improving compliance with a COPD bundle of care in Australian emergency departments: a clinical network quality improvement project. Eur J Emerg Med 2017 (at press)
  6. Shah N, Schneider DA, Blecher C, Cox N, Wong C, Kelly AM, Soon K. Prevalence of occult coronary heart disease in asymptomatic subjects as detected on coronary computer tomography angiography.  J Cardiol Clin Res 2017 (at press)
  7. Shah N, Wong C, Cox N, Kelly AM, Soon K. Prevalence of asymptomatic coronary heart disease in the siblings of young myocardial infarction patients as detected by coronary computer tomography angiography: a pilot study. Heart, Lung Circ 2017 April 27 (epub ahead of print)
  8. Keijzers G, Kelly AM, Cullen L et al.  Heart Failure in patients presenting with dyspnoea to the Emergency Department in the Asia Pacific region: An observational study. BMJ Open 2017;7:e013812.
  9. Cornish S, Wynne R, Klim S, Kelly AM.  Protective lung strategies; a cross sectional survey of nurses knowledge and use in the emergency department. Australas Emerg Nurs J 2017;20:87-91.
  10. Butcher B, Klim S, Kelly AM.  Catheter-associated urinary tract infection in patients treated for acute urinary retention is common. Emerg Med Australas 2017 (at press)
  11. Ackerley I, Klim S, McFarlane J, Kelly AM. Which age-adjusted d-dimer cut-off performs best? Emerg Med Australas 2017; 29:601-602.

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