• A/Prof Keith Lim
  • Dr Albert Leung
  • Dr Kim Le Marshall
  • Dr Matthew Jiang
  • Dr Cecil Hor
  • Dr Stephanie Low
  • Dr Pamela Anjara
  • Mrs Phuong Tran
  • Ms Tina Pham
  • Dr Chamila Dabare


  • Mrs Carolyn Page, Physiotherapy, St Vincents Hospital
  • Mrs Naomi Gandler, Dietitian, St Vincents Hospital
  • Prof Peter Choong, Orthopaedics , St Vincents Hospital, Melbourne University
  • Professor John Hamilton, Dept of Medicine , Melbourne University, RMH
  • Dr Andrew Cook, Dept of Medicine, Melbourne University, RMH
  • Professor Paul Dieppe, Peninsular Medical School, Exeter, UK


The research is funded through internal funds.
We have received specifc project related grants from pharma, and from the St Vincents research endowment.

Research Publications

  1. OARSI-OMERACT task Force :total articular replacement as outcome measure in OA “….L Gossec…..K Lim  et al    Oct 2010  Osteoarthritis and Cartilage
  2. OARSI/OMERACT inititiative to define states of…. L Gossec…K Lim…et al
    Aug 2011 Journal Rheum
  3. Who should have joint replacement surgery?  P Dieppe, K Lim, S Lohmander May 2011 Int J Rheum Dis
  4. The effect of joint aspiration and corticosteroid injections in osteoarthritis  A Leung… et al  Oct 2011  Int J Rheum Dis
  5. Differences between patients with hip and knee OA    KF Le Marshall, et al  Ap 2013 Osteoarthritis and Cartilage
  6. The use of intra-articular placebo injections to investigate pain in people with OA of the knee joint : a pilot study P Dieppe et al  Ap 2015 Osteoarthritis and Cartilage
  7. Differences in rates of arthroplasty between patients with hip and knee OA  C Dabare et al  (submitted to Osteoarthritis and Cartilage April 2016.

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