Musculoskeletal diseases are identified as the second greatest cause of disability throughout the world and include conditions such as osteoporosis, sarcopenia and arthritis. Researchers are part of cross-functional and collaborative teams to study conditions related to disorders of the bone, muscle and joint for improvement in disease prevention and evidence-based care.

Groups / Projects Research Lead Dept / Centre
@AgeMelbourne Professor Andrea B Maier
A computer-aided decision system for gait analysis Project Leader Dr Morgan Sangeux Paediatrics
A cytokine pathway in the control of inflammation and pain Professor John Hamilton Medicine
Adipocytes as Weapons of Bone Destruction: The bone as a War Zone Professor Gustavo Duque Medicine
Advanced Limb Reconstruction Head of Department of Surgery,
St. Vincent's Hospital,
Professor Peter Choong

An ultrasensitive assay to detect aggrecan degradation products in patient fluids Project Leader Professor Amanda Fosang Paediatrics
Analysis of Synovial Fluid and Peripheral Blood Samples from Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Using Patients with Osteoarthritis as Controls A/prof Keith Lim Medicine
Arthritis Research Group Laboratory Head Professor Amanda Fosang
Associations Between Sarcopenia, Intramuscular Fat, Mental/Physical Function and Brain Atrophy: An Imaging and Machine Learning Approach Professor Gustavo Duque Medicine
Balance Gym for Falls Prevention in Older Adults Professor Gustavo Duque Medicine
Biofabrication of an in vitro 3D osteosarcoma model A/Prof Claudia di Bella
Dr Serena Duchi
Biological mechanisms underpinning the social gradient of health Principal Fellow A/Prof Sharon Brennan-Olsen
Bone and Mineral Research Group Group Leader Associate Professor Chris Yates
Bone strength in young healthy females, older patients with low-trauma fracture and older healthy adults: peripheral quantitative computed tomography based finite element analysis Group Leader Prof. John D Wark Medicine
Bone Substrate Composition Affecting Bone Cell Formation, Function and Bone Turnover A/prof Damian Myers Medicine
CASE: Cartilage Analytic Screening Environment A/Prof Claudia di Bella
Dr Carmine Onofrillo
Centre for Health Analytics Director Kate Lucas
Characterization of Osteosarcopenia in Older Persons: A Bench to Bedside Approach Professor Gustavo Duque Medicine
Cognitive Health Project Leader Professor Cassandra Szoeke Medicine
Community engagement and policy discourse: Musculoskeletal disease Principal Fellow A/Prof Sharon Brennan-Olsen
Controlled mechanical stimulation for cartilage regeneration modelling with 3D bioprinting techniques Dr Carmine Onofrillo Surgery
Determining the mechanism by which the male sex hormone, testosterone, acts to decrease fat mass. Project Lead Associate Professor Rachel Davey Medicine
Development of a Minimally Invasive Chronic Neural Interface Group Leaders Dr Nicholas Opie and Dr Thomas Oxley Medicine
Development of Marrow Fat Quantification as a Predictor of Poor Outcomes in Osteosarcopenia Professor Gustavo Duque Medicine
Dynamic microfluidic in vitro differentiation of stem cells for cartilage regeneration in surgical 3D bioprinting Dr Carmine Onofrillo Surgery
Effect of HMB and Vitamin D Supplementation on osteosarcoPenia In oldeR pErsons (EMPIRE) Professor Gustavo Duque Medicine
Effects of Vitamin D Status on DEXA Femoral Neck BMD in Children and Adolescents A/prof Christine Rodda Medicine
Effects of Vitamin D Status on Forearm Fracture Healing Rates in Children and Adolescents: A Pilot Study A/Prof Christine Rodda Medicine
Elucidating molecular signalling pathways controlled by anti-inflammatory steroids Dr Adrian Achuthan Medicine
Emerging Infectious Diseases and Travel Medicine Research Group Leader Dr Irani Thevarajan
Infectious Diseases
Evaluating the impact of obesity on knee load over time in those who have undergone optimal surgical re-alignment after total knee replacement Professor Peter Choong Surgery
Exploring how a high salt diet promotes bone destruction through immune cell activation Prof Andrew Murphy Baker Department of Cardiometabolic Health
Foot deformities in children with cerebral palsy Dr Elyse Passmore Paediatrics
Generation of an ex vivo regeneration model for 3D bioprinting applications Dr Carmine Onofrillo Surgery
Healthy Ageing Program Professor Cassandra Szoeke
How are autophagic processes involved in bone mineralisation? Prof Natalie Sims Medicine
Hugh Williamson Gait Laboratory/Orthopaedic Department Research Group Leader Professor Kerr Graham
Identifying novel cartilage proteins with new functions Project Leader Professor Amanda Fosang Paediatrics
Imaging Project Leader Monique Stagnitti Medicine
In Vivo Tibiofemoral Biomechanics in Healthy Adults During Functional Activity Dr Hans Gray Surgery
Inflammation-induced Osteosarcopenia: Mechanisms and Novel Treatments A/Prof Kulmira Nurgali Medicine
Inflammatory cytokines involved in obesity and osteoarthritis Dr Kevin Lee Medicine
Investigating Lipotoxic Impacts of Fatty Acid Synthesis on: (1) Osteoblasts, and (2) Osteoclast, in Vitro and (3) Skeletal Muscle Aprof Damian Myers Medicine
Investigating the Anabolic Effect Drugs (Picolinic Acid) on Osteocytes in Vitro Professor Gustavo Duque Medicine
Investigating the Rapamycin Effect on Induced-Palmitic osteocytes in Vitro Professor Gustavo Duque Medicine
Irani Thevarajan Dr Irani Thevarajan
Infectious Diseases
Is muscle surgery or bone surgery better for young children with cerebral palsy who have hip displacement? The Cerebral Palsy Hip Interventions Project (CP-HIP) Project Leader Dr Kate Willoughby Paediatrics
Lifestyle and Prevention Project Leader Dr Edward Hill Medicine
Marrow Adipose Tissue Functions: Studying Lipotoxicity in Hip Replacement Candidates Professor Gustavo Duque Medicine
Mental Health Project Leader Professor Lorraine Dennerstein Medicine
Mice resistant to collagen degradation teach us about skeletal development and arthritis Project Leader Professor Amanda Fosang Paediatrics
Mid-Thigh Bone and Muscle Mass Measurements as an Assessment Tool for Diagnosis of Osteoporosis/penia, Sarcopenia and Osteosarcopenia: A Longitudinal Validation Study Professor Gustavo Duque Medicine
Mindfulness, cognitive processes and coping in chronic illness: insights from a study of joint replacement surgery Professor Peter Choong Surgery
Molecular Endocrinology and Musculoskeletal Research Group Group Leader Associate Professor Rachel Davey
Molecular signalling pathways controlling gene expression during chronic disease progression Dr Adrian Achuthan Medicine
Multimedia (MyStay) Intervention for managing patient experience (MIME) following total hip replacement surgery: a cluster randomised trial. Ms Jo McDonall Surgery
Multimorbidity in Ageing Project Leader Dr Kate Gregorevic Medicine
Musculoskeletal and Bone Health Project Leader Dr Raquel Pedrero-Chamizo Medicine
Osteosarcopenia as a Geriatric Syndrome Professor Gustavo Duque Medicine
Osteosarcopenia in community-dwelling older adults attending the Falls and Fracture Clinic Prof Gustavo Duque Medicine
Osteosarcopenia in Older Adults Attending a Fracture Liaison Service Dr. David Scott Medicine
Outcomes of Hip Interventions for Children with Cerebral Palsy – An International, Multi-Centre Prospective, Comparative Cohort Study Project Leader Dr Kate Willoughby Paediatrics
Pathology begins in the cells: Studying lipotoxic stress generated from adipocytes in bone and muscle cell cultures A/prof Damian Myers Medicine
Postoperative Quality of Recovery Co-director Colin Royse
Pre-clinical Analysis of Effects of Lamin A Overexpression on Mesenchymal Stem Cell Differentiation into Myocytes Professor Gustavo Duque Medicine
Pre-Clinical Studies Identifying Novel Molecular Regulators of Skeletal Muscle Growth and Atrophy Associate Professor Alan Hayes Medicine
Predicting Disability and Frailty in Older Persons: The Western Osteosarcopenia and Frailty (WOSF) Study Prof Gustavo Duque Medicine
Quality of Life Project Leader Dr Katherine Campbell Medicine
Reproductive Steroids Research Group Professor Mathis Grossmann, MD, PhD, FRACP
Research at Epworth Professor Richard de Steiger
Rheumatology Group Leader Associate Professor Keith Lim
Single Event Multilevel Surgery in Bilateral Spastic Cerebral Palsy: A Multi-centre, Long-term, Follow-up Study Project Leader Dr Pam Thomason Paediatrics
Social determinants of musculoskeletal disease across the lifecourse Principal Fellow A/Prof Sharon Brennan-Olsen
Structural biology of proteins involved in bone diseases Dr Brett Bennetts Medicine
Surgery Research Surgery
Synovial Knee Arthritis Research (SKAR) Professor John Hamilton Surgery
The Arthroplasty and Bariatric Surgery (ABS) Study: a randomised controlled trial of laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding prior to total knee arthroplasty Professor Peter Choong Surgery
The CGA Study: Development of an evidence based Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment Professor Andrea B Maier Medicine
The Correlation between Knee Effusions and Clinical Presentation in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis A/Prof Keith Lim Medicine
The Gait Outcomes Assessment List (GOAL): Validation of a new measure of gait function for children with cerebral palsy Project Leader Dr Pam Thomason Paediatrics
The MARKA Study: Maximum Acceptable Risk of complication in total Knee Arthroplasty Dr Michelle Dowsey Surgery
The role of an aggrecan 32mer fragment in developing osteoarthritis Project Leader Professor Amanda Fosang Paediatrics
The SHAPE Study: Nutritional Needs, Physical Function and Sarcopenia in Geriatric Outpatient Project Lead Professor Andrea B Maier Medicine
The Vascular Bionics Laboratory Heads of Laboratory Associate Professor Nicholas Opie and Associate Professor Thomas Oxley
Understanding the effect of lower limb torsional deformities in typically developing children and adolescents Project Leader Dr Morgan Sangeux Paediatrics
Using Marrow Adipose Tissue to Diagnose Osteoporosis and Predict Fragility Fractures Professor Gustavo Duque Medicine
Using Wearable Activity Trackers to Monitor Physical Activity in Older Adults Undergoing Exercise Interventions for Falls Dr David Scott Medicine
Vascular Health Project Leader Professor Philippe Lehert Medicine
What controls the development of strong cortical bone? Prof Natalie Sims Medicine
Your Muscles Matter – The Sarcopenia Study A/Prof Alan Hayes Medicine