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Research Overview

Our clinical research service provides a fully comprehensive oncology clinical trials service that includes the conduct of clinical trials across multiple tumour streams. This is within a rapidly expanding Medical Oncology and Haematology unit with trials ranging from investigator driven and collaborative trials, to pharmaceutical trials from Phase 1 to 4 of drug development. We are in a partnership and collaboration with Cancer Trials Australia, Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, Peter MacCallum/Sunshine Hospital Radiotherapy Center and the Walter Eliza Hall Institute. Our partnership also extends to well-known internationals pharmaceutical companies, as well as small biotech’s to enable access to new oncological treatments including targeted therapy in this molecular era.

The research unit has expertise that covers most tumor streams with a particular emphasis on Colorectal, Lung, Breast, Upper GI and Urogenital tumor streams; and more recently, the rapid expansion of Haematology trials. It’s multidisciplinary set-up allows high quality trials and translational research to be carried out across multiple tumour sites. Many of these trials are focused on molecularly targeted treatments, matched to the particular molecular features of a patient’s tumour. This provides personalized medicine, tailored to exploit the specific mutations of the patient’s tumour.

The Oncology and Haematology Unit provides a highly active clinical research environment where the majority of clinicians are engaged in leading or supporting research projects and clinical trials. We have opportunities for clinical fellows to develop clinical and research skills to become future leaders in oncology.

The Unit also contains a dedicated Cancer Services Projects Team which, in partnership with clinicians, develops project ideas and applies for available funding grants. This is a unique and successful model which has been able to accrue nearly $1.5M since 2014 for 16 projects. These projects mainly focus on process improvement to ultimately enhance the quality of care provided to cancer patients in the West. Much of the work completed through this team is in collaboration with external health services and in partnership with consumers.


  • Prof Michael Green
  • Dr Dishan Herath
  • Dr Sumitra Ananda
  • Dr Shirley Wong
  • Dr Catherine Oakman
  • Dr Suzanne Kosmider
  • Dr David Campbell
  • Dr Sally Greenberg
  • Dr Frances Barnett
  • A Prof Lara Lipton
  • A Prof Peter Gibbs
  • Dr Jeanne Tie
  • Dr William Renwick
  • Dr  Duncan Carradice
  • Dr Andrew Lim
  • Dr Adrian Dabscheck
  • Dr Maria Coperchini
  • Heike Raunow
  • Angela Baugh
  • Lisa Wilkinson
  • Helen Brasier
  • Siobhan Gallus
  • Nathan Hope
  • Elise Wang
  • Lisa Magee
  • Ilana Hornung


  • Australian Gastrointestinal trials Group
  • Australia and New Zealand Breast Cancer Trials Group
  • International Breast Cancer Study Group, Australia and New Zealand Germ Cell Trials Group
  • Gynaecologic Cancer Intergroup
  • Australian and New Zealand Urogenital and Prostate Cancer Trials Group
  • Australasian Leukaemia & Lymphoma Study Group
  • Walter Eliza hall Institute
  • Cancer Trials  Australia
  • Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre
  • BioGrid Australia


1) NHMRC Project grant
Dr Lara Lipton
Application ID:  APP1102018
Application Title:NABNEC: A Randomised Phase II Study Of Nab-paclitaxel In Combination With Carboplatin As First Line
Treatment Of Gastrointestinal Neuroendocrine Carcinomas
Funding:                              $1,393,082.86  
Funding period:                5 years
Role CIB

2 )WCMICS 2014/15 Funding Program
Dr Sally Greenberg
Improving the pathway to cancer diagnosis and specialist review by analysing patient presentation to the Emergency Department
Western and Central Melbourne Integrated Cancer Services (WCMICS)

3) 2015
WCMICS 2015/16 Funding Program
Ms Meron Pitcher
Integrating Primary Care Practitioners in Multidisciplinary Cancer Care

4) 2015
WCMICS 2015/16 Funding Program
Dr Adrian Dabscheck
Determining the feasibility of a multi-disciplinary Psycho-Oncology Team at Western Health using a partnership model.
WCMICS $70,682

5)WCMICS 2015/16 Funding Program
Dr Suzanne Kosmider
Management of Male Sexual Dysfunction following treatment for Colorectal and Prostate Cancer Survivors at Western Health

6) 2015
Grants in Aid of VCCC Scientific Meetings
Prof Jon Emery
Primary Care Across the Cancer Continuum
Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

Ms Ilana Hornung
“What did you say?” PHASE 1: Background and Literature Review

Research Publications

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