2018 SMRT President’s Award

This award was established to honor the most outstanding Proffered Paper of the SMRT Annual Meeting. The recipient of this year’s award, Rebecca Glarin, B.Appl.Sc. (MedRads) presented her award-winning paper MREYE – Are You Winking at Me? at ISMRM in Paris.

"The eye is a mobile superficial structure and with careful consideration of this, high quality imaging can be obtained. We have begun to explore the use of ultra high field, 7Tesla MRI and a dedicated eye coil, to acquire high resolution (~0.2mm in-plane) 2D and 3D images for vision research. With the correct patient set up, of a closed eye and a fixation task along with optimal sequence and coil selection, detailed eye anatomy can be visualised.

Now that 7T MRI systems have been approved for clinical imaging protocols such as these have the potential to allow MRI to become a ubiquitous practical clinical tool for investigating ophthalmic conditions including tumors, eye movement disorders, myopia, cataracts and retinal pathologies at unprecedented high resolution."