MBCIU at the 2023 NIF Annual Scientific Meeting

The 2023 National Imaging Facility Annual Scientific Meeting was held at the University of Melbourne Parkville campus across August 9th to the 11th. NIF nodes from around the country were brought together to showcase the latest developments and achievements in imaging science. The annual meeting was capped off with the 2023 NIF Scientific Symposium which attracted over 400 registrations.

The MBCIU team was active throughout the annual meeting:

Igor Tyshchenko, one of our PhD students, won the best student presentation award during the NIF Community Highlight Power Pitches at the Symposium. Igor presented his work on the use of RF pulses adjusted for sub-populations in order to make more efficient use of specific absorption rate limits.

Igor Receiving Student Presentation Award

A/Prof. Brad Moffat gave a presentation regarding the current state of phantoms for MR imaging  and their applications. Brad also exhibited a poster on Serial Acquisition of radiofrequency pulse MOdes (SAMO) in order to correct for transmit field inhomogeneity.

Dr. Edward Greene and Rob Williams held a tour of the MBCIU facility and our plant imaging capabilities for members of the Animals, Plants and Materials Thematic Group.

The MBCIU's plant imaging work was also highlighted during a presentation given by Prof. Michelle Watt.

Rob Williams gave a presentation on the significance and methods behind PET harmonisation.  Rob also spoke about the lessons learned from plant imaging and how our findings in plant physiology have subverted our expectations.

Jo Bartlett, one of our PhD students, exhibited a poster on the use of deep neural networks to produce high quality fibre orientation distributions from fewer multi-shell diffusion weighted images. Link to publication.

Rebecca Glarin and Tudor Sava  participated in the inaugural NIF Radiographers Working Group Meeting.  This working group was lead by NIF Senior Scientist Dr. Shawna Farquharson and was attended  by radiographers from every NIF human imaging node across the National Network.

Photo the the NIF Radiographers Working Group