Recent Publication: Brain network dynamics in people with visual snow syndrome.

Strik M, Clough M, Solly EJ, Glarin R, White OB, Kolbe SC, Fielding J. Brain network dynamics in people with visual snow syndrome. Hum Brain Mapp. 2023 Apr 1;44(5):1868-1875 Link to Publication

Visual snow syndrome is a neurological disorder characterized by a range of continuous visual disturbances. Its defining feature, visual snow, is described as small flickering dots that are constantly present whether the eyes are open or closed. Little is known about the functional pathological mechanisms underlying visual snow syndrome and their effect on how brain regions work together (brain network topology).

In this study, we investigated alterations to brain network topology in visual snow syndrome patients using high‐resolution functional resting-state MRI (7 Tesla) and a dynamic approach (temporal fluctuations during acquisition). Visual snow syndrome patients demonstrated reduced dynamic variation in modularity (network segregation) and local efficiency (the degree to which neighbour regions cluster together) strength. These results suggest that brain network dynamics are less variable in terms of segregation and local clustering. Network dynamic alterations were centred around occipital cortices and related to ocular motor processing changes.

Visual Snow Brain Network Dynamics