Applications Process

Honorary Staff Member: Application Process

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Honorary Staff Member with Department of Pediatrics, University of Melbourne.

Applications are assessed regularly each year and appointments are made in recognition of significant, sustained contributions in the areas of:

  • Learning and teaching
  • Research and research training
  • Leadership and service.

Please refer to the types of Honorary Appointment on this webpage.

Documents required for your application

You will need to provide:

  1. Your up-to-date CV, example here
  2. Your completed Honorary Staff Member Application Form
  3. A Letter of recommendation from a senior University staff member (usually an Associate Professor or Professor).
  4. Other (if applicable):

  5. For Clinical Honorary Appointment only, please provide a Clinical standing statement from a senior colleague, who has a Clinical appointment at the level of Head of Hospital Department or professional equivalent, who can comment on your clinical standing and competence. This may be within the same Letter of recommendation as above, assuming the senior colleague is also a University staff member.
  6. For Level E applicants only, please contact the Executive Assistant of the Head of Department of Paediatrics to arrange a meeting with the Head of Department, prior to submitting any application.

Submit your Application

Submit your application by sending the documents listed (see checklist below) via email to

Required documents checklist:

  • CV
  • Honorary Staff Member Application Form
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Clinical standing statement (for Clinical Honorary Appointment only)

Assessment of Applications

For Clinical and Academic Honorary Appointment application (Level A, B, C):

  • These are forwarded to the Executive Assistant of the Head of Department of Paediatrics at for assessment and approval on an as needed basis.
  • Please allow 6-8 weeks turnaround time, depending on schedule.

For Clinical and Academic Honorary Appointment application (Level D, E):

  • These are forwarded to the Head of the Melbourne Medical School for assessment and subsequent recommendation to the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences for assessment.
  • Once endorsed by the Dean, the application will be recommended to the University’s Senior Academic and Promotions Committee for final assessment and approval.
  • You will generally hear the decision within 6-8 weeks, please allow a total of 3 months turnaround time.

Continuation of the Honorary Appointment

Ongoing appointments will be based on you continuing to fulfil the criteria for which you were appointed, by maintaining an ongoing and meaningful contribution to the University of Melbourne.

Levels A-D appointments are for fixed terms and subject to periodic review.

Level E appointments are usually for a period of five years, and a case must be made for renewal at the end of each period.

Contact Information

Department of Paediatrics
The University of Melbourne
Royal Children’s Hospital
Level 2 West (access via White Lifts)  
50 Flemington Road, Parkville, Victoria 3052

email: paeds-hon-admins@