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ACADI Training Program

ACADI’s Training Program will train current and future leaders in innovation and provide participants with critical skills in commercialisation, clinical trial design, and translation, combined with diabetes knowledge from consumer, clinical and regulatory perspectives. ACADI graduates will form a national network of innovators, maintaining connections via ACADI alumni which will offer opportunities for ongoing knowledge development.


ACADI partners participating in the Training Program will be networked with ACADI researchers and platforms, clinicians, healthcare professionals, clinical facilities, and patients to deliver multi-site trials across diverse communities.

Our Training Program will benefit from ACADI’s innovators from industry, research, health services and community developing creative solutions by addressing the complex challenges associated with healthcare innovation and translation. Our initiatives include:

1. Building translational research capability and expertise. ACADI will support new PhD and early career researcher (ECR) Fellowship opportunities. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander skills development and training will be supported through reserving PhD and ECR opportunities. The training program will cover commercialisation and research translation. Regular seminars, project presentations, and guest speakers will facilitate knowledge and idea sharing. Find free resources and training in the ACADI Training Resource Library.

2. Professional development activities for clinicians, researchers, and students.

3. Mentoring and masterclasses will be provided to ensure research projects are end-user focused and have commercial potential to build confident, knowledgeable and well-networked future leaders in diabetes.

ACADI Mentoring Program

Navigating through the early stages of a career in research can be a challenge. The ACADI Mentoring Program is designed to support PhD candidates and early to mid career researchers in the field of diabetes work together towards their goals and amplify their impact. As a national virtual collaborative research centre, the ACADI mentoring program will facilitate the sharing of knowledge, career, and leadership guidance through purposeful mentoring relationships.

ACADI HealthTech Innovation Challenge

ACADI Training  Program  Team

Training Lead

Associate Professor Sarah Glastras (endocrinologist), is an experienced early to mid-career clinician scientist, who will oversee the program together with a team of training advisors from each state and territory

ACADI Training Program Advisory Group
  • NSW: Professor Alicia Jenkins
  • VIC: Associate Professor Jia-Yee Lee & Dr Rajna Ogrin & Dr Ruth Park-Jones
  • QLD: Dr Anish Menon &  Dr Steven James
  • ACT: Professor Chris Nolan
  • WA: Professor Tim Davis
  • SA: Professor Robert Fitridge
  • NT: Professor Alan Cass
  • TAS: Professor John Burgess
ACADI Training Program Manager

Sharon Kitt

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