Primary Care Specific Information and Support Line: improving the response to women and children

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The Department of Social Services (DSS) (formerly FaHCSIA) has funded the development of a comprehensive primary care educational package that aims to improve the response of primary care to women and children experiencing domestic and family violence. The package has been funded in two phases. Phase 1 completed in December 2014 and consisted of an extensive update and online accessibility to the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) Abuse and Violence: Working with our patients in general practice (4th Edition) (White Book) 4th edition as well as the development and online accessibility of the RACGP’s gplearning online Active Learning Module on Domestic Violence (DV ALM).

Phase 2 has been underway since December 2014 and relates to the exploration and development of a dedicated primary care telephone information and support line through the existing 1800RESPECT service aimed at general practitioners and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workers (AHWs).

Components of the project include: a scoping review of helplines for GPs, and health professionals more broadly, both nationally and internationally; extensive stakeholder collaboration with three workshops being held to discuss the needs and requirements of GPs and AHWs; development of a statement of requirement for the telephone information and support line and a training resource for counsellors responding to calls; marketing to GPs and AHWs and evaluation of the information and support line once established.

The information and support line is expected to be developed and evaluated during 2016 and 2017, with the project due for completion mid-2017.


Kirsty Forsdike-Young

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Researching Abuse and Violence: RAVE

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Researching Abuse and Violence: RAVE