Clinical Pathology Research

Learn about this department's research groups and the projects they are working on.

Buchanan laboratory: Oncogenomics (colorectal cancer)

Research Program Leader : Dr Daniel Buchanan

The Oncogenomics Group research includes the identification and investigation of clinically and biologically relevant subtypes of colorectal cancer (CRC), including both familial and non-familial CRC, that can be identified through genetic, epigenetic, somatic and histopathological characterisation of CRC tumours and their pre-malignant lesions (polyps).

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Hollande laboratory: Molecular mechanisms of tumour progression

Research Program Leader : Associate Professor Fred Hollande

The main focus of our work is to characterise signalling pathways that specify the role of tumour-initiating cells in cancer progression towards the metastatic stage, and to determine the respective contributions of intrinsic programs and of extrinsic/micro-environmental cues in the control of these signalling events.

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Rare Disease Oncogenomics

Research Program Leader : Dr Richard Tothill

The Rare Disease Oncogenomics (RADIO) laboratory is dedicated to translational research of rare and less common cancers. Our research encompasses neuroendocrine tumours (NET), including tumours of sympathetic tissues (pheochromocytoma and parganglioma) and skin (Merkel cell carcinoma), as well as cancers of unknown primary (CUP).

Southey laboratory: Genetic epidemiology laboratory

Research Program Leader : Professor Melissa Southey

Our research programs are focused on characterising the genetic and epigenetic factors responsible for cancer predisposition and progression, including familial aggregation of cancers.

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