Our Mission

To promote excellence in general practice care through, research and effective links with the general practice community and wider health care system.

Strategic goals

  • Quality People
    To strengthen the Department of General Practice as a preferred destination for outstanding staff and students from Australia and around the world.
  • Quality Research
    To enhance the reputation and performance of the Department as a leading centre of world class research and research training.
  • Quality Teaching and Learning
    To create and maintain an educational environment which fulfills the needs of students, the medical profession and the wider academic community.
  • International Positioning
    To enhance the Department's international reputation in the primary care field and to attract quality international research partners and students.
  • Serve Wider Communities
    To serve the community by contributing to health policy development, health care delivery, health research strategy development and addressing inequalities in health care delivery.
  • Quality Management
    To achieve continuous quality improvement in the management of the Department.
  • Quality Infrastructure
    To ensure that buildings and equipment are appropriate for the aspirations of the Department with particular regard to providing a healthy, safe and productive working environment.
  • Resourcing Quality
    To create and sustain a resource base sufficient to enable the Department to be nationally competitive at the highest level and internationally competitive.