General Practice Research

Learn about this department's research groups and the projects they are working on.

Children and Young People’s Health

Research Program Leader : Professor Lena Sanci

Our program aims to advance the health and wellbeing of children and young people through an accessible and responsive primary care workforce and health system and through effective interventions.

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Data for Decisions

Data for Decisions aims to make better use of existing primary care data to improve knowledge, medical education, healthcare policy and the way medical care is delivered, and so ultimately improve the health of Australians.

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Diabetes and Cardio-Metabolic Conditions

Research Program Leader : Associate Professor John Furler

Our research group is focused on addressing a global health problem. Across the world over a billion people have diabetes and up to 15% of national health budgets are spent on diabetes, risk-factors and cardiovascular complications. Our research aims to reach a deep understanding of this complex problem to develop innovative primary care-led solutions that will improve health outcomes.

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Health Data Science for Medical Research

This theme spans from foundational components such as governance and consent mechanisms through to the practical delivery of translational research following Learning Health Systems methodologies. These applications range from the individual project level to national infrastructure.