Jennifer Philip

Research Overview

Palliative care is a unique medical speciality that focuses on achieving the best possible quality of life for people with serious illness. As an emerging field, palliative care is accruing an evidence base to ensure the best care underpinned by the best research is available to people who have no time to waste. Our team brings together clinicians, researchers and allied health professionals, under the leadership of the VCCC Chair of Palliative Medicine. We seek to effect positive and systemic change in palliative care practice and accelerate the translation of research-generated knowledge into improved patient care nationally and internationally. Our team is clinically embedded within St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne and other partners of the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC).

Our mission is to lead a program of robust, ethical and high-quality research that specifically focuses on improving: ‘Systems of care’ - the ways in which palliative care is provided ‘Engagement with palliative care’ - how we best talk about and come to shared decisions about treatment and care ‘The evidence for best clinical care’ - how we best support the patient and their family


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Our team is proud to have strong links to:

Clinical Services of St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne and VCCC partners

The Centre for Palliative Care

UOM Health Outcomes Research Group

Palliative Care Clinical Studies Collaborative (PaCCSC)

Research Publications

To read some of our latest work, click on the links below.

Philip J & Collins A. Routine integration of palliative care: what will it take? Med J Aust 2015; 203 (10): 385.

Collins A, McLachlan SA, & Philip J. Initial Perceptions of Palliative Care: An exploratory qualitative study of patients with advanced cancer and their carers. Palliative Medicine 2017. DOI: 10.1177/0269216317696420

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