Ageing aims to understand the processes and mechanisms that underlie the ageing process.

Groups / Projects Research Lead Dept / Centre
Adipocytes as Weapons of Bone Destruction: The bone as a War Zone Professor Gustavo Duque Medicine
AgeHAPPY: Healthy Ageing Project Population Youth-senior Principal investigator Professor Cassandra Szoeke
Study coordinator Monique Stagnitti
An exploration of the experience of care at the end of life for patients with a history of illicit drug use: A qualitative medical record review Prof Jennifer Philip Medicine
Analysis of Synovial Fluid and Peripheral Blood Samples from Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Using Patients with Osteoarthritis as Controls A/prof Keith Lim Medicine
Artificial intelligence in ophthalmology: from data to algorithm and real-world application Professor Mingguang He Surgery
Artificial intelligence system to detect eye and cardiovascular diseases Professor Mingguang He Surgery
Assessment of the Falls and Fractures Prevention Clinic as the Most Effective Setting toReduce Falls and Fractures in High-Risk Older Persons: A Care Program Assessment Professor Gustavo Duque Medicine
Associations Between Sarcopenia, Intramuscular Fat, Mental/Physical Function and Brain Atrophy: An Imaging and Machine Learning Approach Professor Gustavo Duque Medicine
Balance Gym for Falls Prevention in Older Adults Professor Gustavo Duque Medicine
Brain storming therapeutics for neurodegeneration with novel research models A/Prof Brian Drew Baker Department of Cardiometabolic Health
Characterization of Osteosarcopenia in Older Persons: A Bench to Bedside Approach Professor Gustavo Duque Medicine
Circulating Osteogenic Precurors: Building Bone from Blood Professor Gustavo Duque Medicine
Cognitive Interventions Technologies and Evaluation Dr Amit Lampit
Cognitive training for behavioural and psychological symptoms in young onset dementia Dr Alex Bahar-Fuchs Psychiatry
Core Outcomes in Menopause Project Leader Professor Martha Hickey Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Diet and Healthy Ageing Professor Cassandra Szoeke Medicine
Effective relationships in dementia community care: Promoting Independence though quality dementia care at home (the PITCH project). Dr Anita Goh Psychiatry
Elizabeth Vincan Professor Elizabeth Vincan
Infectious Diseases
Elucidating the functional roles of CCL17 in obesity-associated osteoarthritis Dr Adrian Achuthan Medicine
Evaluating information resources for women considering elective egg freezing Project Lead Dr Michelle Peate Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Evidence-Based Practice in the Management of Glaucoma Suspects Dr Zhichao Wu Surgery
Exploring how diabetes causes increased proliferation of haematopoietic stem cells carrying a mutation in DNMT3A Prof Andrew Murphy Baker Department of Cardiometabolic Health
Field tests for evaluation and prognostication in interstitial lung disease Dr Yet Hong Khor Medicine
Genotype and Phenotype Characterisation Human Circulating Osteo-Progenitor (COP) Cells Professor Gustavo Duque Medicine
How do bone marrow microenvironments regulate B lymphocyte production? Professor Louise Purton Medicine
Implementation of a Virtual Reality sensory room in a sub-acute ward for people living with dementia with behaviours and psychological symptoms associated with dementia (BPSD) Dr Anita Goh Psychiatry
Improved early diagnosis of eye diseases by integration of retinal photography and artificial intelligence to build an opportunistic screening service in metro, regional and remote primary care settings Professor Mingguang He Surgery
In Vivo Tibiofemoral Biomechanics in Healthy Adults During Functional Activity Dr Hans Gray Surgery
INDIGO Study: physical activity and goal-setting intervention for sedentary older adults at risk of cognitive decline Principal Researcher Professor Nicola Lautenschlager (Melbourne Site)
Influenza and other respiratory viruses Research Group Leader Associate Professor Sheena Sullivan
Infectious Diseases
Investigating the relationship between fat, bone and muscle Professor Gustavo Duque Medicine
Irani Thevarajan Dr Irani Thevarajan
Infectious Diseases
Karin Thursky Professor Karin Thursky
Infectious Diseases
Let's CHAT Dementia A/Prof. Dina LoGiudice Medicine
Machine learning prediction of brain and body ageing Associate Professor Andrew Zalesky Psychiatry
Marrow Adipose Tissue Functions: Studying Lipotoxicity in Hip Replacement Candidates Professor Gustavo Duque Medicine
Mid-Thigh Bone and Muscle Mass Measurements as an Assessment Tool for Diagnosis of Osteoporosis/penia, Sarcopenia and Osteosarcopenia: A Longitudinal Validation Study Professor Gustavo Duque Medicine
Molecular Oncology Research Group Leader Professor Elizabeth Vincan
Infectious Diseases
Multimedia (MyStay) Intervention for managing patient experience (MIME) following total hip replacement surgery: a cluster randomised trial. Ms Jo McDonall Surgery
Multimodal imaging measures to improve dementia diagnosis Dr Vijay Venkatraman Medicine
New methods for investigating bone muscle and fat mass using 2D DXA images to predict performance, risk of falls and fractures Professor Gustavo Duque Medicine
Novel regenerative therapies in cardiovascular diseases Prof Karlheinz Peter Baker Department of Cardiometabolic Health
Novel therapies for atherosclerotic plaque stabilization Prof Karlheinz Peter Baker Department of Cardiometabolic Health
Olfactory-focused cognitive training Dr Alex Bahar-Fuchs Psychiatry
Osteosarcopenia as a Geriatric Syndrome Professor Gustavo Duque Medicine
Osteosarcopenia in community-dwelling older adults attending the Falls and Fracture Clinic Prof Gustavo Duque Medicine
Osteosarcopenia in Older Adults Attending a Fracture Liaison Service Dr. David Scott Medicine
Palliative Nexus Group Leader Professor Jennifer Philip
Pathology begins in the cells: Studying lipotoxic stress generated from adipocytes in bone and muscle cell cultures A/prof Damian Myers Medicine
Pre-clinical Analysis of Effects of Lamin A Overexpression on Mesenchymal Stem Cell Differentiation into Myocytes Professor Gustavo Duque Medicine
Predicting Disability and Frailty in Older Persons: The Western Osteosarcopenia and Frailty (WOSF) Study Prof Gustavo Duque Medicine
Promoting and advancing midlife health in women Project Leader Professor Martha Hickey Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Quantitative imaging in dementia Prof Patricia Desmond Medicine
Quantitative Measure of Effusions A/Prof Keith Lim Medicine
RAndomised trial to imProve the quality of lIfe of people with Dementia (RAPID) Principal Researcher rofessor Nicola Lautenschlager (Melbourne Site)
Refining the comprehensive geriatric assessment Prof. Andrea Maier Medicine
Regulation of blood cell production by endothelial cell-derived retinoic acid receptor gamma Professor Louise Purton Medicine
Research at Epworth Professor Richard de Steiger
Satellite imaging technology to detect the early signs of glaucoma and Alzheimer’s disease in the retina A/Prof Peter van Wijngaarden Surgery
Sheena Sullivan Associate Professor Sheena Sullivan
Infectious Diseases
Social and physical activities in ageing women Dr Jesse Zanker Medicine
Synovial Knee Arthritis Research (SKAR) Professor John Hamilton Surgery
Synthesising, dismantling and optimising cognitive interventions Dr Amit Lampit Psychiatry
Taking the “Guesswork” Out of Glaucoma Clinical Management with Novel Imaging Dr Zhichao Wu Surgery
The Correlation between Knee Effusions and Clinical Presentation in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis A/Prof Keith Lim Medicine
The relationship between cognitive impairment seen in chronic mental illness and dementia - what can mortality information tell us? Dr Samantha Loi Psychiatry
The Stand Up & Go Study: Physical activity and sitting time reduction program for older community members Principal Researcher Professor Nicola Lautenschlager (Melbourne Site)
Treatment outcome in older lung cancer patients: does the biological age predict it? Prof. Andrea Maier Medicine
Using Artificial Intelligence to improve the diagnostic predictions of corneal topography machines for Keratoconus subjects Dr Srujana Sahebjada Surgery
Using Marrow Adipose Tissue to Diagnose Osteoporosis and Predict Fragility Fractures Professor Gustavo Duque Medicine
Using Wearable Activity Trackers to Monitor Physical Activity in Older Adults Undergoing Exercise Interventions for Falls Dr David Scott Medicine
Your Muscles Matter – The Sarcopenia Study A/Prof Alan Hayes Medicine