Using data to expand knowledge

Data for Decisions focuses on the use of de-identified data from general practice medical records to expand knowledge and ultimately promote service and population health improvements. Every research project that accesses the data stored in the Patron primary care data repository does so only after meeting rigorous data governance and ethics requirements. Each project using Patron data is described below, and each research group will provide a reader-friendly summary of their findings, and list of resulting publications, when available.

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Projects Approved To Use Patron Data

  1. Defining the burden of antimicrobial prescribing in primary care attributable to sore throat - PAT001
  2. Meeting national targets and indicators to reduce mortality from chronic illness through general practice - PAT002
  3. Trialing the implementation of a quality assurance framework in the Patron program - PAT004
  4. GP-NAPS: The feasibility of passive audit of antibiotic prescribing in general practice - PAT005
  5. Future Health Today: Detecting people at risk of chronic kidney disease - PAT009,010
  6. Understanding and exploring adolescent health presentations in the Victorian primary care setting - PAT011
  7. Studying the Continuum of Cancer Care through Linking Primary Data - PAT012
  8. A descriptive study of the primary care use of people with a diagnosis of severe mental illness: A focus on cardiovascular and cardiometabolic health and risk factor screening -  PAT013
  9. Shared decision support for patients: An antimicrobial stewardship strategy to promote appropriate antibiotics use in primary care, pilot phase - PAT014
  10. Quality indicators for the detection and management of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in primary care: An exploratory study using electronic medical record (EMR) data in Australia, Singapore, Canada and Sweden - PAT015
  11. Evaluating a safety and efficacy protocol of a COVID-19 'Drive Through' clinic - PAT020
  12. Examining changes in healthcare utilisation as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic (Centre for Digital Transformation of Health) - PAT024
  13. Analysing disparities in survival outcomes and health care resource utilisation in colorectal cancer - PAT027
  14. Evaluation of automated deidentification of general practice free text health records - PAT028
    - PAT028 brief information flyer (PDF)
    - PAT028 information flyer and participant consent form (PDF)
    - PAT028 information flyer and participant consent form (Word)
  15. Chlamydia study in Victoria, Australia; comparing testing, diagnosis, treatment and re-testing rate in urban and regional area of general practice in Victoria - PAT029
  16. Analysis of factors associated with outcomes and survivorship of cancer across the continuum of health care using linked primary care hospital, clinical registry and population registry data - PAT030
  17. Delays in access to treatment and patterns in primary care presentations and hospital visits for patients with bone and soft tissue sarcomas - PAT031
  18. Evaluating a safety and efficacy protocol of a COVID-19 respiratory clinic - PAT032
  19. A quantitative exploration of medicinal cannabis (MC) prescribing using phenotyping techniques on general practice electronic medical records - PAT033
  20. Future Health Today: A pragmatic 12-month cluster randomised controlled trial of quality improvement activities in general practice compared to active control - PAT037
    - PAT037 FHT invitation to participate flyer for practices (PDF)
  21. Primary healthcare during the Covid-19 pandemic: describing transition to telehealth and primary care response in eight countries (Note, data are not shared between countries. Researchers in each of 8 countries are analysing their own primary care dataset. Aggregated results will be brought together in the final paper) - PAT043