Departmental Seminars

Every week on Wednesday, until 8 Dec 2021
1pm - 2pm

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Sam Parkin

Department of General Practice runs a weekly seminar series, Research Matters, every Wednesday, 1.00-2.00pm.

Chair: Professor Meredith Temple-Smith
Administrative Coordinator: Sam Parkin

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, all seminars will be held via Zoom. If you wish to attend, please contact Sam Parkin for the Zoom details.





18 August 2021

Tatiana Zecher

Master of Primary Health Care confirmation - A study of psychosocial support provision by healthcare providers to women experiencing miscarriage with a focus on hospital-based settings and the surgical management of miscarriage.

Department of General Practice

25 August 2021

DGP Quarterly Meeting #3 (DGP staff only)


1 Sept 2021

Prof Stephen Tong

Building bench to bedside research programs to find new therapeutics for pregnancy complications

Specialist Obstetrician, Mercy Hospital for Women, Professor of Obstetrics, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Melbourne

8 Sept 20021

A/Prof Joel Rhee

Is it the right time to talk about end of life care?

University of Wollongong

15 Sept 2021

Dr Stephen McNally

Overdose deaths in Australia: insights and options

Deputy CEO, Penington Institute

22 Sept 2021

Master of Public Health students

Research project presentations

Department of General Practice

29 Sept 2021

Prof Dougie Boyle and Roger Ward

Implementation of the OMOP Common Data Model for the DGP Patron General Practice Research Database: Implications for research and researchers

HaBIC Research Information Technology Unit, Department of General Practice

6 Oct 2021

Katie Henderson-Brooks

Women international students' lived experience of gendered violence (PhD confirmation)

Department of General Practice

13 Oct 2021

Amy Webb

Exploring the role of General Practitioners in women’s fertility care and assisted reproductive technology in Australia (MPhil confirmation)

Department of General Practice

20 Oct 2021

DGP Honours final oral presentations (12.00-2.30pm)

Student research project presentations

Department of General Practice

27 Oct 2021

Dr Katrin Gerber and Dr Lidia Engel

Grief has no expiry date – Mixing poetry and health economics to explore the role of primary care in supporting older bereaved adults

National Ageing Research Institute and Deakin Health Economics (Deakin University)

3 Nov 2021

Sally Marsden

PhD completion seminar - Women survivors’ experiences and expectations when seeing psychologists after IPV

Department of General Practice

10 Nov 2021

Rushani Wijesuirya

Multiple imputation for handling incomplete data with multiple levels of clustering: issues and guidance

Department of General Practice

17 Nov 2021

Academic Registrars

Research project presentations

Department of General Practice

24 Nov 2021

DGP Quarterly Meeting #4 (DGP staff only)

1 Dec 2021

Dr Lina Gubhaju

The Next Generation Youth Wellbeing Study: Exploring the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal adolescents and young people

Melbourne School of Population and Global Health

8 Dec 2021

Amanda Vasey

Mansfield Restart - A rural communities approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation

Program Coordinator and clinician of the Restart Program, Mansfield

Would you like to present at Research Matters?

We are always looking for presenters. Research Matters is a valuable way of sharing knowledge and insights in a wide variety of topics. Maybe you know someone who has a topic that would be of interest to students and staff? Visitors are welcome to present!

Any queries regarding Research Matters, please contact Sam Parkin.