Let's CHAT Dementia in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities

Let's CHAT Dementia artwork by Maar Nation-Gundijmara artist, Sherry Johnstone. Sherry designed the logo to represent the Let's CHAT study, as follows: "The design has 12 smaller circles in the bigger circle in the middle to represent the 12 ACCHS working together. The four message sticks in the middle circle also are to pass on the information and awareness. The four people around the middle circle are listening to the CHAT. The dots in between the people represent the different tribes/ nations, etc. The stitch-like lines between the writing in the circle represent the different journeys people with dementia and cognitive impairment are on, trying to manage their condition."

Let's CHAT Dementia in Indigenous communities

The Let's CHAT (Community Health Approaches To) Dementia in Indigenous communities is a research project working with local Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHSs) to improve dementia care and brain health.

This project is taking a community-wide approach and engaging community members, Aboriginal health professionals and health practitioners to enhance the overall health outcomes and quality of life of older people who have cognitive impairment or dementia, their families and communities.

An Indigenous Reference Group formed in the early stages of the project is involved in study design, advising resource development and collaborating on the implementation of the dementia model of care centred within partnered ACCHSs.

The project is currently under way, with 12 co-researching partner ACCHSs in urban, regional and remote areas in Victoria, NSW, North Queensland and Western Australia.