Indigenous Reference Group

Postera Crescam Laude

Roslyn Malay

Rosyln is a member of the Yurriyangem Taam Kija clan from the Kimberley region and has lived and worked in very remote communities for most of her life. She is now based in Broome and works as the Project Officer/ Researcher for Western Australia Centre for Health and Aging (WACHA). Her interest in LCD (Let's CHAT Dementia) is "to give awareness and to educate Aboriginal people about what dementia is and the affect it can have on whole families, carers, friends and communities." She will "improve and support the lives of Aboriginal people who are more likely to have memory problems or Dementia." She is very committed to supporting older Aboriginal people and their health in the Kimberley.

Vanessa Curnow

Vanessa is a Koedal Sumu Torres Strait Islander and Executive Director of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health at Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Service, and board member of the recently formed National Advisory Group for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Aged Care (NAGATSIAC). She extensive experience working in metropolitan, rural and remote areas across areas such as industry development, management, service delivery, sustainable community development, and clinical practice.  She specialises in adapting Western management systems and sector development to incorporate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge and practices.

Postera Crescam Laude