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Researchers at the AUPOA regularly publish their project outcomes, making contributions to scientific literature in numerous fields related to Old Age Psychiatry, including (but not limited to): Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia, Huntington's Disease, and discrimination in neurodegenerative disorders.

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Researchers from the AUPOA have also been involved in the publication of numerous books related to the field of old age psychiatry. Please click here to view the AUPOA book list.

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    • A Voice at the table

      A Voice at the Table Authors: Rosemary Kelleherwith Olga Yastrubetskaya

    • dementiaFourth

      Dementia (Fourth Edition) Editors:David Ames, Alistair Burns, John O'Brien Find it on AmazonHere

    • Guide_to_Psychiatry_of_Old_Age_2010

      Guide to the Psychiatry of Old Age Authors:David Ames,Edmond Chiu,James Lindesay, Kenneth I. Shulman Find it on AmazonHere

    • neuroimaging_laterlife_psych

      Neuroimaging and the Psychiatry of Late Life Editors:David Ames,Edmond ChiuForward by Raymond Levy Find it on AmazonHere

    • ethno_psychopharma

      Ethno-psychopharmacology: Advances in Current Practice Editors:Chee H. Ng,Keh-Ming Lin,Bruce S. Singh,Edmond Y. K. Chiu Find it on AmazonHere

    • textbook_Psych_Asia

      Textbook for Psychiatry in Asia Editors:Edmond Y. K. Chiu,Helen Fung-Kum Chiu, Ee Heok Kua, Xin Yu Find it on AmazonHere

    • Dementia_Therapy

      Theraputic Strategies in Dementia Editors: Craig W. Ritchie,David Ames,Colin L. Masters,Jeffrey Cummings Find it on AmazonHere

    • psychosis_in_elderly

      strong>Psychosis in the Elderly Editors: Anne M. Hassett,David Ames,Edmond Chiu Find it on AmazonHere

    • lewy_body_dementia

      Dementia with Lewy Bodies Editors: John O'Brien,David Ames,Ian McKeith,Edmond Chiu Find it on AmazonHere

    • vascular_dementia

      Cerebrovascular Disease, Cognitive Impairment and Dementia Editors: John O'Brien,David Ames,Lars Gustafson, Marshal F. Folstein,Edmond Chiu Find it on AmazonHere

    • guideliines_on_depression

      Guidelines on Depression in Older People: Practising the Evidence Editors: Robert C. Baldwin,Edmond Chiu,Cornelius Katona, Nori Graham Find it on AmazonHere

    • vascular_disease_and_affective

      Vascular Disease and Affective Disorders Editors: Edmond Chiu,David Ames,Cornelius Katona Find it on AmazonHere

    • cvd_and_Dementia

      Cerebrovascular Disease and Dementia: Pathology, Neuropsychiatry and Management Editors: Edmond Chiu,Lars Gustafson,David Ames,Marshal F. Folstein Find it on AmazonHere

    • dementia_2nd_ed

      Dementia (2nd Edition) Editors: John O'Brien,David Ames,Alistair Burns Find it on Amazonhere


      Lausanne Technical Consensus Statements on Psychiatry of the Elderly World Health Organisation Department of Mental Health

    • dementia_care_franework

      Dementia Care in Victoria: Building a Pathway to Excellence Department of Human Services, Final Report Ministerial Task Force on Dementia Services in Victoria

    • functional_psychiatric

      Functional Psychiatric Disorders of the Elderly Editors:Edmond Chiu,David Ames,Forward by Tom Arie Find it on AmazonHere