Career Development/Professional Development Opportunities

New mentoring program for younger academic surgeons

The Department of Surgery’s Professor Tony Pennington and Dr Anita Skandarajah have established a mentoring program for younger academic surgeons. In its initial year this program involved personalised mentoring for eighty young surgeons who are establishing an academic career. The program concluded with a dinner on 24 November 2015 at University House at which each of the young surgeons presented their appraisal of the program and included a stimulating discussion on the challenges of blending an academic career with clinical surgery.

How do you build an academic career while being a part time member

At the Department of Surgery’s recent Research Day on 6 October 2015, questions such as, 'How to build an academic career in surgery and involve part-time academic staff in surgical research' were discussed. The successful day was organised by Professor Peter Choong, and included presentations from senior academic members as well as junior researchers and mid-career academic surgeons.