Clinical Costing Fundamentals and Analyses Course

Clinical Costing
Clinical costing

How do you deliver a cost-effective sustainable approach to healthcare that offers the most clinically effective and efficient care?

There is a fine balance between how to foster sustainable healthcare and provide the best care for patients.

The new Clinical Costing Fundamentals and Analyses online course will help healthcare stakeholders and practitioners deliver not only the best care to patients but do it in an economically responsible way.

An ageing and growing population​, increased prevalence of chronic diseases, and technology-aided advances in treatment all contribute to the rise in healthcare costs globally each year.​

It is necessary for healthcare stakeholders and professionals to comprehensively understand how to analyse and deliver cost-effectiveness in clinical practice in a rapidly changing and complex funding environment.

This course is suitable for healthcare professionals and students, nurses, trainees and allied health professionals.

What can you learn from this course?

  • Understand the theory, philosophy and practice of clinical costing systems and datasets
  • Understand how information from finance, human resources, ancillary and clinical services are linked
  • Gain knowledge on clinical costing standards which underpin cost allocations
  • Gain knowledge on how clinical costing datasets are used in practice

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