Northern Clinical School 2020 Teachers of the Year

By Dr Leonie Griffiths

The question, “What makes a good clinical teacher?”, has been the subject of much debate and numerous literature reviews over the years. While the medical education journals are brimming with descriptions of curriculum and assessment adaptions made during the pandemic, the pivotal role of the educator during this period has been overlooked. It is therefore timely to reflect on the qualities of our clinical teachers and acknowledge their immense contribution to the success of the Northern Clinical School in 2020.

No clinical skills coach would have ever imagined swapping the bedside for a Zoom role play but this year we’ve had to reinvent and reimagine our learning environments. I would like to thank all the Northern Clinical School’s professional, academic and clinical staff for standing by the students and demonstrating genuine concern for their welfare and learning. Despite us all being exhausted, washed out with Zoom fatigue, there is a real sense of accomplishment, achieved through shared respect and teamwork.

Each year, students vote for clinical teachers that have made a positive impact on their learning. I am delighted to announce the recipients of these awards for 2020.

Dr Pam Anjara, Assistant Director, is awarded MD2 Teacher of the Year. Students respected Pam’s dedication to their learning, appreciating her ability to make concepts accessible and memorable. They highlighted her integrity, passion and kindness.

Dr Elizabeth McCarthy and Dr Natalie Seiler are awarded MD3 Teacher of the Year. Liz is integral to the success of the women’s health program at Northern Clinical School. Students enjoyed the safe, interactive and structured learning environment that she provided. Natalie, an alumni of the Northern Clinical School, played a significant role in filling in the gaps in mental health teaching. Her enthusiasm, engagement and ability to share authentic real-world examples of patients with psychiatric conditions, was greatly valued by students.

On behalf of the Northern Clinical School, wishing everyone a relaxing, restorative summer break.