Associate Professor Claudia Di Bella and team win gold at national water polo competition

Orthopaedic surgeon and staff member from the Department of Surgery Associate Professor Claudia Di Bella formed part of the winning team at the recent Water Polo Australian Open Masters Championships.

Claudia was a waterpolo player for many years in her youth in Italy and winning a number of Italian Championships and European Championships. After a 15-year break from the sport, Claudia joined the team Melbourne Collegians, and played in state league 1. With some team members, including Dr Rebecca Foxton, who was an intern at St Vincent’s hospital many years ago, they created a new team called Victoria’s Secrets to represent Victoria at the most recent Australian Masters Championships. To the teams’s surprise, they performed extremely well and were undefeated during the entire tournament. The team will continue to represent Victoria next year and hope to repeat their success.