AVID program sees Shepparton secondary students get hands-on at the Department of Rural Health

Year 9 students from Greater Shepparton Secondary College gained insights into the university experience and what’s involved in pursuing a health sciences degree.

The Department of Rural Health was proud to host a group of Greater Shepparton Secondary College students in April who are part of the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program.

The AVID program is a new Year 9 elective where Greater Shepparton Secondary College for students wanting to pursue university education. The subject provides skills that will be helpful for students when attending university like collaboration and organisation. Upon completion of this unit students will be better prepared to approach a rigorous academic pathway, including post-secondary education.

The day consisted of students being involved in two activities. The first was a hands-on activity in the Department of Rural Health, Clinical Skills lab. Here students were taken through clinical health scenarios where they could experience what being in theatre might be like as a nurse or doctor. This was led by University of Melbourne medical students and Department of Rural Health staff members Anne Thewlis and Kylie Browne. In addition to this activity, students worked with Going Rural Health physiotherapy students to size up crutches and discuss practice.

The second part of the day was a student panel in the Shepparton campus lecture theatre. Here there was a mix of medical, dental, physiotherapy and dietetic students who each spoke about their university experience and was hosted by Department of Rural Health staff member Johanna Kyriakou. Discussion also progressed to identifying what pre-requisites to choose for health science degrees, scholarship opportunities, student accommodation and more.

Greater Shepparton Secondary College AVID students were given a real insight into university experiences and the day was enjoyed by all.