ASQ-TRAK developmental screening tool extended

Developed by the STRONG Kids STRONG Future team at the Department of Paediatrics, ASQ-TRAK is the only developmental screening tool that has been culturally adapted for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

Three booklets containing the ASQ-TRAK materials.

The extended ASQ-TRAK flip charts broaden the scope of culturally sensitive developmental screening for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children aged from two months to five years.

Following its rollout in 2015, the tool has been distributed to more than  700 ASQ-TRAK trained practitioners across more than 100 agencies nationally. In response to this significant uptake, the ASQ-TRAK is being extended to include 14 additional age intervals, bringing the tool in line with the mainstream Ages and Stages Questionnaires.

Alongside this development, the team will update the tool to increase the accessibility and diversity of the screening items and illustrations. The STRONG Kids STRONG Future team is  pleased to launch the extended program to address existing age gaps, and to support communities in implementing culturally safe developmental monitoring practices that increase the identification of children with developmental difficulties.

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