Buchanan laboratory: Oncogenomics (colorectal cancer)


Research Overview

Associate Professor Daniel Buchanan and his team’s research includes the identification and investigation of clinically and biologically relevant subtypes of colorectal cancer (CRC), including both familial and non-familial CRC, that can be identified through genetic, epigenetic, somatic and histopathological characterisation of CRC tumours and their pre-malignant lesions (polyps).

The group’s key research areas include:

  1. Identifying novel genetic risk factors for CRC through genomic profiling and their translation into clinical testing including the development of tools to classify genetic variation in both established and novel CRC susceptibility genes.
  2. Improving our understanding of major CRC-related diseases such as Lynch syndrome and unexplained colonic polyposis (both Serrated and Adenomatous Polyposis).  The group has established research studies that are currently recruiting participants with suspected Lynch syndrome and colonic polyposis to facilitate improved clinical management of these patients.
  3. Identifying biomarkers of CRC risk and poor prognosis through genomic, methylomic, proteomic and immune cell profiling.


Dr Mark Clendenning, Research Fellow | Google Scholar
Associate  Professor Christophe Rosty, Honorary Senior Research Fellow | Google Scholar 
Ms Stine Erikson, Medicine International



Professor Melissa Southey [link to page]
Professor John Hopper [link to CEB]
Professor Graham Giles [link to CEC]
Professor Mark Jenkins [link to CEB]
Professor Ingrid Winship
Associate Professor Roger Milne [link to CEC, CCV]

Colon Cancer Family Registry Cohort CIs

Professor Robert Haile [link to coloncfr.org]
Professor Steve Gallinger [link to coloncfr.org]
Professor Steve Thibodeau [link to coloncfr.org]
Professor Graham Casey [link to coloncfr.org]
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Associate Professor Susan Parry
Professor Finlay Macrae
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Dr Amanda Phipps
Dr Colin Stewart - King Edward Memorial Hospital, Perth
Dr Peter Simpson – University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research
Professor Peter Laird - University of Southern California
Dr Daniel Weisenberger – University of Southern California

Consortium Collaborations

Australasian Colorectal Cancer Family Registry
Colorectal Cancer Family Registry Cohort
Health 2020/Melbourne Collaborative Cohort
International Serrated Polyposis Syndrome Registry