MANTRA MeAsuring the beNefits of TRAuma-sensitive yoga for survivors of sexual violence)

Project Details

Sexual violence is globally prevalent and associated with poor mental health, particularly post-traumatic stress. Despite this, effective therapeutic treatments to promote recovery are limited. This project will examine the benefits of trauma-sensitive yoga for survivors of sexual violence and explore how and why it works. We will generate new knowledge about the potential of yoga as a therapeutic intervention and challenge current paradigms for addressing sexual violence in Australia.


Chief Investigators

Laura Tarzia (UoM)

Kelsey Hegarty (UoM)

Sat Bir Khalsa (Harvard University, USA)

Lorna O’Doherty (Coventry University, UK)

Bessel van der Kolk (Boston University, USA)

Patricia Cullen (UNSW)

Associate Investigators

Billie Atherstone (Kundalini House)

Lisa Gold (Deakin University)

Patty Chondros (UoM)

Heather Clarke (NASASV)

Jayashri Kulkarni (Monash University)

Grace McKeon (UNSW)


This project is funded by an NHMRC Ideas Grant

Research Group

Sexual and Family Violence (SAFE)

School Research Themes

Women's Health, Infectious Diseases and Immunity

Key Contact

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Department / Centre

General Practice and Primary Care Research

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