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Research Overview

Professor Beverley-Ann Biggs leads a group of clinicians and researchers with interests in infectious diseases, nutrition, and immigrant health. International health activities are based in Vietnam, Bangladesh and Malawi and include integrated approaches for improved child growth and development, the assessment and prevention of iron deficiency in women and children, and the control of parasitic diseases.

Refugee health projects focus on assessing and treating undiagnosed infections and malnutrition in immigrants and refugees.

Indigenous Australians in remote communities also face challenges related to malnutrition and infectious diseases. A current initiative in this area is the evaluation of a community-based program that encourages and supports metabolic health.

The Group is also active in Guideline and Policy Development through collaborations with the World Health Organisation, the Department of Health, Victoria and the Australasian Society for Infectious Diseases.


  • Professor Beverley-Ann Biggs, Head, International and Immigrant Health, Department of Infectious Diseases, Doherty Institute, and Victorian Infection Diseases Service, Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH)
  • Dr Janet Pasricha, Refugee Health Fellow Victorian Infectious Diseases Service,  RMH
  • Dr Joanne Gardiner, Refugee Health Fellow, Victorian Infectious Diseases Service, RMH
  • Dr Sabine Braat, Senior Research Fellow – Biostatistics
  • Dr Ricardo Ataide, Senior Research Fellow in Global Health Trials
  • Mr Benjamin Harrap, Research Assistant – Refugee Health
  • Mr Jacob Egwunye, Research Assistant  – Global Health
  • Mr Jerry Jin, Research Assistant
  • Ms Beth Hilton-Thorp, Project Consultant
  • Ms Christalla Hajisava, Admin/Project Support Officer

Honorary Staff


  • Dominic Hare (MPhil)
  • Thomas Schulz (MD)
  • Victoria Nikolakakis (Honours) assisting Dr Ricardo Ataide


Major Collaborators

  • Professor Jane Fisher, Jean Hailes Research Unit, Monash University, and her group
  • Associate Professor Sant-Rayn Parischa, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (WEHI), and his group
  • Associate Professor Julie Simpson, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health
  • Dr Tuan Tran, Director, Research and Training Center for Community Development (RTCCD), Vietnam
  • Ms Ha Tran and the RTCCD team
  • Dr Jena Derakhshani Hamadani, icddr,b, Bangladesh, and her group
  • Professor Shams El Arifeen, icddr,b, Bangladesh
  • Professor Kamija Phiri, School of Public Health and Family Medicine, University of Malawi, and his group
  • Professor Len Harrison, WEHI, and his group
  • Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Victoria
  • Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture (VFST)
  • Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory (VIDRL)
  • World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva


Recent Funding

  • NHMRC Targeted Research Grant, 2020-2022: Evaluation of a community-led nutrition and lifestyle program for weight loss and metabolic health: a randomised controlled trial.
  • NHMRC Project Grant, 2018-2022: IRMA: Benefits and safety of IRon supplementation with MAlaria chemoprevention to children in Malawi (IRMA) - A randomised controlled trial.
  • NHMRC Project Grant, 2016-2020:Defining the impact of universal iron interventions in young children: a randomized controlled trial in rural Bangladesh.
  • NHMRC Project Grant, 2016-2019: Learning clubs to improve women’s health and infant’s health and development in Vietnam: a cluster randomised controlled trial of a low-cost, evidence-informed, structured intervention.
  • NHMRC Project Grant, 2013-2016: What are the clinical predictors and risk factors for child stunting and impaired cognitive development? Following up the Ha Nam cohort from birth to 3 years of age.
  • NHMRC Early Career Fellowship, 2015-2019:The Stunting Risk Assessment Tool: identifying infants at high risk of impaired growth and development in resource poor settings.

Other Funding

  • MDHS Internal Research Grant, 2020: Feasibility and stakeholder engagement for a randomised controlled trial to evaluate the Hope for health Program in a remote indigenous community.
  • Shepherdson Foundation Research Grant, 2018-2020: Novel approaches to improve understanding of anaemia and its determinants in Indigenous communities.
  • The Royal Melbourne Hospital Home Lottery Grant in Aid, 2018-2020: Enteric pathogen infection and gut microbiota disturbance-association with child cognition in remote Indigenous communities.
  • R@M-Interdisciplinary Research Initiatives (Hallmarks & MSOG) Collaborations Grant, 2016-2017: New approaches to improve nutrition in indigenous children in a remote Yolngu community.  University of Melbourne.
  • Victorian Government support for Refugee Health Fellow program.

Research Outcomes

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Research Publications

From 2013-2020

  1. Pasricha S-R, Hayes, E., Kalumba, K., Biggs BA. Effect of daily iron supplementation on health in children aged 4-23 months: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials. Lancet G H;1:e77-e86. 2013;1.
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  3. Hanieh S, Ha TT, Simpson JA, Thuy TT, Khuong NC, Thoang DD, Tran TD, Tuan T, Fisher J, Biggs BA. Exclusive breast feeding in early infancy reduces the risk of inpatient admission for diarrhea and suspected pneumonia in rural Vietnam: a prospective cohort study. BMC Public Health 2015;15(1):1166.
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