Predicting the onset of dementia using Positron Emission Tomography

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Our PET/CT projects include Alzheimer’s research trials that image Amyloid, Tau and glucose to qualify and manage therapeutics that include anti-amyloid, anti tau and others.

We have imaged the largest cohorts in the world for trials A4, EARLY, APAD, 3D, Graduate and many more. We also have been among the first to image across the spectrum with a variety of amyloid and tau PET tracers. As well as other tracers to target MS, Parkinsons disease and schizophrenia. We also use our CT for other purposes such as imaging drill cores fossils, mummies, sheep, dogs, ancient guns, whale ear bones, cane toads, raptors, Tas Devils and for implants and training robots, and for improving the technology by developing PET/CT itself

Amyloid Image NAV4694 Positive

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