Our People

Head of Department

Professor David Story, Chair of Anaesthesia

Department Executive

Dr Yasmine Ali Abdelhamid
Dr Amanda Baric
Professor Rinaldo Bellomo AO
Professor George Braitberg AM OStJ,  Deputy Head of Department; Lead Emergency Medicine
Professor Andrew Davidson
Associate Professor Adam Deane, Deputy Head of Department; Lead Intensive Care Medicine
Associate Professor Jonathan Knott
Ms Anna Parker
Dr Ainslie Senz
Professor David Story, Head of Department; Lead Anaesthesia


Yasmine Ali Abdelhamid, Honours Program Coordinator
Rinaldo Bellomo, Professor of Intensive Care
Gayle Claxton, Coordinator, ROCKet Trial, SNAP3 Study
Kieran Colgan, Senior Lecturer, Disaster and Terror Medicine
Adam Deane, Principal Research Fellow, Intensive Care 
Lis Evered, Associate Professor, Critical Care 
Katherine Franklin, Lecturer, Disaster and Terror Medicine
Manisa Ghani,  Lecturer in Medical Education, Critical Care
Kimberley Haines, Principal Research Fellow, Critical Care
Eugenie Kayak, Enterprise Professor in Sustainable Healthcare 
Ocean Ma, Events and Communications Officer 
Stuart Marshall, Lead, Interprofessional Team Work & Crisis Management
Violet Mukaro, Senior Project Officer
Marion Orchison, Senior Lecturer, Disaster and Terror Medicine
Anna Parker, Department Manager
Bhavita Patel, TRICS-IV Trial Coordinator
Sofia Sidiropoulos, ROCKet Trial Manager
Polly Simpson, Research Fellow, MORIA Study
David Story, Head of Department, Chair of Anaesthesia
Monique Wiessner, Department Administrator

Graduate students

Megan Allen, PhD 
Melissa Ankravs, PhD 
Anthony Carpenter, PhD 
Andrew Casamento, PhD
Simon Chong, DMedSci 
Rahul Costa-Pinto, PhD 
Jess Davies, PhD 
Ned Douglas, PhD 
Martin Dutch, PhD  
Ben Gelbart, PhD 
Michelle Gerstman, PhD 
Andrew Huang, PhD  
Tom Larsen, MPhil 
Chuan Whei Lee, PhD
Nina Leggett, PhD 
Steven McGuigan, PhD 
Lucy Modra, PhD   
Justin Nazareth, PhD 
Benjamin Sansom, PhD  
Emily See, PhD  
Laurie Showler, PhD 
Earlene Silvapulle, PhD 
Rebecca Szabo, PhD 
Geoffrey Wigmore, PhD 
Kym Wittholz, MPhil
Marcus Young, PhD

Jai Darvall, PhD
Kate Fetterplace, PhD
Lachlan Miles, PhD
Scott McAlister, PhD
Forbes McGain, PhD
Tuong Phan, DMedSci
Neda Taghizadeh, MSc
Phung To, PhD
Stephen Warrillow, PhD
Laurence Weinberg, PhD

Honorary and affiliated appointments by Stream