Mushroom Mania

As winter continues, it brings  an increase in rain, providing the best environment for mushroom growth.  Although these mushrooms may look harmless and similar to the mushrooms you will find in your local supermarket, they harbor a dark secret. The spike in mushroom growth brings with it a spike in hospital admissions and calls to the Victorian Poison Information Center.

Professor George Braitberg , Head of the Emergency Medicine Stream for the Department of Critical Care, Director of Emergency Medicine Research, Austin Health, a emergency physician and toxicologist talks to us about the dangers of mushroom foraging.

The Dangers of Mushroom Poisoning by
Professor George Braitberg (OStJ, MBBS, FACEM, FACMT, FRACMA, MBioethics, MHlthServMt, Dip Epi Biostats)
on The House of Wellness

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