PhD Completion Seminar: Ms The-Phung To

Phung To Seminar

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  • PhD Completion Seminar

Ms The-Phung To

PhD Candidate,
Centre for Integrated Critical Care,
Department of Medicine & Radiology

Medications and oral restrictions:  Improving the management of medications in patients with oral intake restrictions


Many patients are prescribed regular oral medications to treat symptoms or control chronic disease. Evidence suggests that these long-term, essential medications are often managed inappropriately when patients have oral intake restrictions. This issue places patients at risk of harm and is of concern worldwide. The primary aim of the PhD was to investigate the impact of implementing strategies to improve medication management in patients with oral intake restrictions, specifically when fasting before a procedure or surgery. It also explored the causes for inappropriate medication management and considered the most appropriate evidence-based improvement and implementation approaches to implement the strategies hospital-wide.

Tuesday 15th September 2020

10 am to 11 am

Via zoom: email Anna Parker for zoom link