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The Melbourne Medical School and the Talent Enrichment Program, and with the support of the Department of Critical and the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology will be hosting a webinar surrounding The University of Melbourne Sustainability Plan 2030, outlining the targets and performance indicators for committing to the sustainability goals.

Topics Covered:

  • Recent IPPC reports
  • Imperative for healthcare professionals to lead in addressing carbon emissions
  • Research from 3 MMS PhD scholars to assist in implementing  evidence based changes for a carbon constrained healthcare system

Panelists include: 

Professor Kathryn Bowen Professor Environment, Climate and Global Health and Deputy Director, Melbourne Climate Futures

Dr Eugenie Kayak Department of Critical Care; Visiting Medical Officer, Consultant Anaesthetist, Austin Health Dr Jess Davies PhD student, Department of Critical Care

Scott McAlister Research Fellow, De-Carbonising Healthcare | Melbourne School of Population and Global Health

Associate Professor Forbes McGainDepartment of Critical Care; Anaesthetist, Intensive Care Physician, Western Health

Professor David Story (Chair)Head, Department of Critical Care; Staff Anaesthetist, Austin Health

Professor Susan WalkerHead, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology; Director Perinatal Medicine, Mercy Hospital for Women