Past research projects

Dr Lauren CussenProject ECHO®: Application of the ECHO Model as a learning tool for Primary Care education in rural Victoria2021
Dr Brent VenningPreferences for a polygenic test to estimate cancer risk2021
Dr Libby DaiIdentifying and responding to patients who have used domestic and family violence2021
Dr Jun JungHow are Victorian general practitioners managing chlamydia infection in young people?2021
Dr Anna Power
You See, I See: Understanding Cross-cultural Informed Consent
Dr Asiel Sanchez
An educational intervention on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer health: impact on knowledge, attitudes and perceptions in Australian medical students.
Dr Alan JardineAntibiotic prescribing in general practice: Exploring compliance with guidelines and appropriateness of prescribing using extracted electronic medical record data in the Patron dataset2020
Dr Tim Monaghan
General Practitioner, Practice Nurse and Practice Manager attitudes to sharing de identified patient health information for research: a qualitative study
Dr Rita McMorrow
Professional flash glucose monitoring and health service utilisation in type 2 diabetes: A secondary analysis of the GP-OSMOTIC Study
Dr Claire Mahoney
Caring for Kids: GP registrars’ views on their preparation for caring for children in general practice
Laura BeatonAustralia’s new national digital health record system: toward a co-designed health access literacy intervention for adolescents in a school-based health service2019
Dr Hamish McLachlan
Design and simulation of GlycASSIST, a clinical decision support tool for type 2 diabetes management in general practice.
Dr Tim Wittick
An online resource supporting refugee health care in Australian general practice: A pragmatic evaluation
Dr Roisin BhamjeePerspectives of Victorian general practitioners working in the new government school based primary health care program2018
Dr Kelebogile ChampanePerspectives of Victorian practice nurses working in the new government school based primary health care program2018
Dr Mei Lyn Tan
Socioeconomic status and time in glucose target range in people with type 2 diabetes: a baseline analysis of the GP-OSMOTIC study
Dr Chance Pistoll
Transport on Prescription?: How can GPs contribute to the promotion of active transport?
Dr Kate Thornton
Immunisation in children in out-of-home care
Dr Chance Pistoll
Exploring opportunities for GPs to contribute to active transport
Dr Amy Litras
Young men and sexual health promotion